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Is your serve legal?

Adrian Reeves, who's a qualified Umpire, writes:

The 2019 laws of table tennis are part of the ITTF Handbook and can be found at pages 34-41.

The laws relating to a service are:

To clarify some of the points:
  1. The open palm means a flat hand not a cupped one (except for reasons of disability)
  2. 16 cms equates to 6.3 inches. I would recommend aiming for double that to compensate for a lower projection in the heat of battle. As a rough guide the net post should be 15.25 cm high so the target is approx. 1 cm / 0.5 inch more than that.
  3. The ball must be falling when it is struck so throwing the ball onto the bat is not allowed.
  4. The ball must be above the level of the playing service and behind the serverís end and must not be hidden from the receiver at anytime during the service action. There is nothing in the laws to say that the service must take place inside the imaginary extension of the table side lines. In addition, the umpire(s) must be able to confirm that the service is legal and therefore it is implicit that the umpire has to be able to see the ball at all times during the service action.
If you wish to qualify as an umpire, details of the Level 1 Umpires course can be found here

Tony Gregan has put this Youtube link on the Winchester League Facebook Page which shows how to serve legally.
Now you've got no excuse!