Team details: Division 2: Castle B

Team details: Division 2: Castle B

TeamContactPhones, Email
Castle AGlenn Phur01420560046
Castle AMike Wooding01420564345
work: 01962736150
Castle BAllan Bransgrove07761 227471
Castle BReg White02380436576 07870685518

Club room: Chilcomb Sports Club
on the right just after you enter the A31 (Petersfield Road) from the Spitfire Roundabout. Do NOT rely on any post-code you may hear of for this venue - it will take you to Chilcomb village, a mile away.
Tel: 01962 866989
Street Map

Playing for Castle B:
Playing for Castle BTrivia - all League matches
PlayedWonAverageAll League singlesPoints (Singles)Games (Singles)Doubles5-Game Singles
John Bonney 51 31 60.8% 5433 61.1% 1883/3520 53.5% 118/196 60.2% 1711 64.7% 83 37.5%
Allan Bransgrove 60 31 51.7% 6031 51.7% 1908/3812 50.1% 107/211 50.7% 103 30.0% 63 50.0%
  Allan beat Martin Woolf after losing first 2 games. Score: 8-11, 7-11, 11-6, 11-5, 11-4
  Allan beat Mark Every after losing first 2 games. Score: 7-11, 4-11, 13-11, 11-4, 11-5
Reg White 57 13 22.8% 5713 22.8% 1722/3847 44.8% 65/211 30.8% 187 38.9% 115 45.5%
Russell Harper 27 0 0.0% 270 0.0% 331/1229 26.9% 1/82 1.2%        
Adam Phur 3 0 0.0% 212 9.5% 498/1267 39.3% 15/74 20.3% 10 0.0% 21 50.0%

Fixtures and Scorecards for Castle B (unless rearranged) for 2014-15

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 Wed, 24 Sep:  South Wonston D Vs Castle B South Wonston D 14151.southwonstondvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 29 Sep:  Castle B Vs IBM D Castle B 14151.castlebvsibmd.html IBM D
 Tue, 7 Oct:  Swanmore B Vs Castle B Swanmore B 14151.swanmorebvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 13 Oct:  Castle B Vs Kings C Castle B 14151.castlebvskingsc.html Kings C
 Thu, 6 Nov:  Winnall Vs Castle B Winnall 14151.winnallvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 10 Nov:  Castle B Vs Castle A Castle B 14151.castlebvscastlea.html Castle A
 Tue, 18 Nov:  Five Tees B Vs Castle B Five Tees B 14151.fiveteesbvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 24 Nov:  Castle B Vs Hursley Castle B 14151.castlebvshursley.html Hursley
 Mon, 1 Dec:  Kings D Vs Castle B Kings D 14151.kingsdvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 8 Dec:  Castle B Vs Owslebury Castle B 14151.castlebvsowslebury.html Owslebury
 Mon, 5 Jan:  South Wonston C Vs Castle B South Wonston C 14151.southwonstoncvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 12 Jan:  Castle B Vs South Wonston D Castle B 14151.castlebvssouthwonstond.html South Wonston D
 Mon, 19 Jan:  IBM D Vs Castle B IBM D 14151.ibmdvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 2 Feb:  Castle B Vs Swanmore B Castle B 14151.castlebvsswanmoreb.html Swanmore B
 Mon, 9 Feb:  Kings C Vs Castle B Kings C 14151.kingscvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 23 Feb:  Castle B Vs Winnall Castle B 14151.castlebvswinnall.html Winnall
 Mon, 2 Mar:  Castle A Vs Castle B Castle A 14151.castleavscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 9 Mar:  Castle B Vs Five Tees B Castle B 14151.castlebvsfiveteesb.html Five Tees B
 Mon, 16 Mar:  Hursley Vs Castle B Hursley 14151.hursleyvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 23 Mar:  Castle B Vs Kings D Castle B 14151.castlebvskingsd.html Kings D
 Mon, 30 Mar:  Owslebury Vs Castle B Owslebury 14151.owsleburyvscastleb.html Castle B
 Mon, 13 Apr:  Castle B Vs South Wonston C Castle B 14151.castlebvssouthwonstonc.html South Wonston C