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How good is England Number 1 Liam Pitchford? Watch him play World Number 1 Xu Xin in the Qatar Open Semifinal. The commentator is Adam Bobrow (see next item).
Here's some harmless fun from Adam Bobrow, who's a table tennis commentator and also an excellent player with a great sense of humour.
Luca Herbaut with 'Improved Player of the Year' cup
Awarded by Kings TT Club on 30th September, picture by Tim Humphrey.
Week 18/21
The final critical weeks are looming up for the League, but it's looking increasingly likely that Covid-19 will make those weeks problematic. Princes Mead School has already announced that it's closing its Sports Hall for external users, and that includes Kings Table Tennis Club, which hosts a quarter of the League's teams.
In some seasons the winners and promotion/relegation candidates are virtually assured of their places at this point, but this year we find that Division 1 in particular can still realistically be won by any of 4 teams.
Nothing like it has been seen since
the chariot race in Ben Hur. The difference now is that no-one knows if the race can even finish, as playing venues start closing down.

Division 1

Kings A 3-7 IBM A
Two of the League's strongest players, Tressa Armitage and Ed Slot, were ranged against each other here, with Ed finishing ahead in 3 straight games in the Singles, but with Tressa sharing in IBM A's Doubles win. Both players won their other 2 Singles.

Five Tees C 3-7 Kings B
Five Tees C trail the field in Division 1, and Clive Welsman and Bobby Zhou made a feast of it with 3 Singles wins each.

Medstead A 4-6 Five Tees A
Leyon Joseph has returned recently to Five Tees A after a 3-month absence, and is making a difference already. Neither side was quite at full strength, but that's been Five Tees A's story all season, having called on 9 players altogether. Three wins again for David Wills, who has single-handedly amassed half his team's points.

Division 2

IBM B 7-3 Kings C
Paul Martin of Kings C is making a speciality of doing well against IBM B - he won 3 against them for the second time this season, a feat he hasn't achieved against anyone else this season! IBM B are respectably placed in mid-table and are by no means a pushover.

Winnall 6-3 Swanmore A
With Kevin Muldowney still out injured, Swanmore A haven't been rattling up many points lately. Both teams were a player short, so the evening was short and sweet.

Division 3

Owslebury 4-6 IBM C
Owslebury continues to battle on with the barest bones of a team, thanks to the ravages of injury and ill-health. 3 wins for Martin Healey of IBM C. The highlight of the evening was when Vas Shcherbinin smashed what looked like a winner, it hit the edge of Martin Woolf's bat, spiralled up to within inches of the 10 metre-high roof of the IBM Sports Hall, still spinning viciously, landed on Vas's side of the net and then span back over it, completely unreachable.

Kings D 7-3 Kings E
A long hard slog, this one, with several players putting in hard hours and getting little to show for it. Andy Quick was the exception, with 3 wins for Kings D.
Princes Mead School has closed their sports hall to outside users, so Kings TTC will unfortunately be closed until further notice.
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Opportunity to be coached in September!
Please note that Hannah Hicks is no longer involved. Use the phone number given in the poster below.

Post-Covid plans for the League

Please watch this space for the latest updates on future plans for the League, following the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

At a committee meeting on 3 July 2020 it was agreed not to make any decisions about next season until a later date, when the situation becomes clearer for all concerned. However it was clear that the season would NOT start in September; it is more likely to be a shorter season, eg with just one home and one away fixture, possibly starting in January 2021 and no doubles games involved. Plans can start to be made once individual clubs are able to establish the viability of their teams, taking into account risk assessments, ongoing government regulations, venue availability and - most important of all – the health and safety of the players who wish to play.

With the 2019-20 season suspended on 16 March 2020, the Committee agreed the following:

  • Outstanding matches and play-offs will NOT be played.
  • Cup competitions for the year are null and void.
  • Final league positions to be based on average points per match, hence League results are as follows:
    Division 1Division 2 Division 3
    1 Medstead A 6.43 1 S Wonston A 5.86 1 Five Tees D 7.71
    2 IBM A 6.21 2 Swanmore A 5.80 2 Medstead B 6.87
    3 Kings B 6.07 3 Winnall 5.79 3 Kings D 6.36
    4 Five Tees A 5.79 4 IBM B 4.88 4 IBM C 4.71
    5 Kings A 4.57 5 Hursley 4.87 5 Swanmore B 3.88
    6 Five Tees B 3.43 6 S Wonston B 4.27 6 Kings E 3.53
    7 Five Tees C 2.50 7 Kings C 3.38 7 Owslebury 2.44
  • Arrangements for presentation of trophies still to be made.
  • Promotions, demotions and league structure will be decided once it is known what clubs, teams and players are available and when the next season can safely and viably begin.
  • We hope soon to be able to announce dates to look forward to for next year's Tournament Heats and Finals Night.
Hampshire Table Tennis Association is in great need of help following the recent sad deaths of the President (Brian Lamerton) and Chairman (David Turner).
Please read Derek Seager's letter in which he describes what the HTTA does, and how YOU can help!

IBM Sports Hall closing time

Please note that the closing time for the IBM Hursley Sports Hall is 10:00 pm. This has been the case for the past year, but it's now being enforced more firmly.

This will necessitate using two tables, and starting the final Leg by 9:30 pm. Please make every effort to have at least 2 players ready to play at 7:30 pm, as required by the Winchester League Regulations.

While many of us might prefer a more leisurely pace using a single table, finishing earlier may help to make playing in the League more attractive to Juniors and their parents!

The Table Tennis Serve
Is your serve legal?
The question of what constitutes a legal serve was discussed at the League AGM in May.
Illegal serves give the server an unfair advantage. Umpires are sometimes reluctant to call illegal serves - perhaps because they don't want to create antagonism, or because they aren't quite sure about the laws of table tennis. The reluctance to give offence is understandable, but not calling illegal serves often causes ill-feeling too, even if nothing is said openly during the match.

Adrian Reeves, who's a Table Tennis England Local Level 1 qualified umpire (meaning he can umpire up to County level), has provided these notes. Adrian's aim is to help League match umpires and players improve the legality of serving, so it ceases to be an issue! Hopefully people will talk about this, and point players especially in their own team or club to Adrian's notes if they feel it's necessary.

You can read Adrian's notes here.

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Who's on the Committee?
  • You can see who's on the Committee, contact information and current Rules & Regulations, here .

Scoresheets for Team Cups
Click the link if you need a printable scoresheet for the Team Elim Cup, the Conder-Winnall Handicap Cup or Hursley Shield (Div 2/3) competitions

Weekly Schedules (unless rearranged)
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Week 21, starting 30 Mar. (0 of 9 played)
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Spare: IBM A Mon,Mar 30: Hursley vs Swanmore A Mon,Mar 30: Five Tees D vs IBM C
Mon,Mar 30: Kings A vs Medstead A Mon,Mar 30: South Wonston B vs Kings C Spare: Kings D
Tue,Mar 31: Five Tees C vs Five Tees B Spare: IBM B Tue,Mar 31: Swanmore B vs Owslebury
Wed,Apr 1: Kings B vs Five Tees A Wed,Apr 1: South Wonston A vs Winnall Thu,Apr 2: Medstead B vs Kings E

League Tables And Results, 2019-20
Mouse over the scores to see the scorecard in the League grids below!
If 'points' are equal, 'wins' are considered next, then head-to-head results between the 'equal' teams.
Division 1
Pos Played/18Won DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Medstead A IBM A Kings B Five Tees A Kings A Five Tees B Five Tees C
1 Medstead A 14 9 1 4 6.43 90 Medstead A     5-5 6-4    4-6 6-4 10-0    10-0 9-1
2 IBM A 14 9 3 2 6.21 87 IBM A 6-4    6-4   7-3 5-5   7-3 9-1    8-2
3 Kings B 14 9 3 2 6.07 85 Kings B 6-4    2-8 7-3    6-4   5-5 7-3   7-3
4 Five Tees A 14 7 5 2 5.79 81 Five Tees A   5-5 2-8   6-4 8-2    5-5 7-3
5 Kings A 14 4 2 8 4.57 64 Kings A 3-7 3-7    3-7 3-7 4-6    5-5   7-3 5-5
6 Five Tees B 14 1 3 10 3.43 48 Five Tees B 4-6 2-8 5-5 2-8 4-6    3-7   5-5
7 Five Tees C 14 0 3 11 2.50 35 Five Tees C 3-7 5-5 0-10    3-7 1-9 3-7 0-10  

Division 2
Pos Played/18Won DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Swanmore A South Wonston A Winnall IBM B Hursley South Wonston B Kings C
1 Swanmore A 15 7 6 2 5.80 87 Swanmore A   5-5 5-5 5-5 5-5 5-5    7-3 6-4
2 South Wonston A 14 8 3 3 5.86 82 South Wonston A 3-7    7-3   7-3 3-7 8-2 5-5 9-1
3 Winnall 14 8 3 3 5.79 81 Winnall 5-5    6-3 4-6   4-6 5-5 8-2  
4 IBM B 16 8 1 7 4.88 78 IBM B 3-7 6-4 3-7    4-6   3-7 6-4 3-7    7-3
5 Hursley 15 5 4 6 4.87 73 Hursley 3-7 5-5    4-6 4-6 3-7    7-3   6-4 6-4
6 South Wonston B 15 2 4 9 4.27 64 South Wonston B 3-7 4-6 4-6 4-6    7-3 6-4    5-5   5-5
7 Kings C 13 2 1 10 3.38 44 Kings C 0-10 2-8 1-9    3-7 4-6 3-7 7-3  

Division 3
Pos Played/18Won DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Five Tees D Medstead B Kings D IBM C Swanmore B Kings E Owslebury
1 Five Tees D 14 11 3 0 7.71 108 Five Tees D   6-4    5-5   9-1 5-5 10-0 8-2    10-0
2 Medstead B 15 10 2 3 6.87 103 Medstead B 5-5   8-2 7-3 4-6 9-1 9-1    9-1
3 Kings D 14 11 0 3 6.36 89 Kings D 1-9 3-7   7-3 10-0    6-4 8-2    7-3 9-1
4 IBM C 14 6 2 6 4.71 66 IBM C 2-8 2-8 4-6   5-5 5-5 7-3
5 Swanmore B 16 4 2 10 3.88 62 Swanmore B 1-9 3-7    3-7 2-8 3-7    3-7   7-3 6-4
6 Kings E 15 4 1 10 3.53 53 Kings E 3-7    2-8 6-4 3-7 3-7 7-3    6-4   6-4
7 Owslebury 16 1 0 15 2.44 39 Owslebury 1-9 0-10 2-8    3-7 3-7    4-6 3-7 7-3  

Actual promotions/demotions will depend on whatever League structure is decided for next season.

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