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Individual Tournament

This was played at Westgate School on Friday 20th November 2015. 38 young players took part in the Group stages; 16 made it to the knockout stage. Only 2 could play in the Final, of course, but the general standard was high.

Blake Sanderson eventually beat Harry Birch 11-8 in the 5th set. You can watch some of the action here . It's well worth a look!
  Winchester Primary Schools League Scorecards
Winchester Primary Schools League
Autumn 2015
Individual Tournament

Prelim Round 1
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals

Will Nye } Will Nye } Will Nye } Harry Birch } Blake Sanderson (won 3-2 in the Final)
Luke Jones
Jake Young } Jake Young
Laurence Russell
Summer Hill } Summer Hill } Harry Birch
Oliver Dawson
Ben Foster } Ben Foster } Harry Birch
Panos Korovesis
Harry Birch
Jasper Sandys-Winsch } Jasper Sandys-Winsch } Ben Mercer } Blake Sanderson
Zak Edwards
Freddy Smith } Alex Young } Ben Mercer
Alex Young

Ben Mercer
Daniel Klinger } Daniel Klinger } Blake Sanderson
Louis Addy
Harvey Allder } Blake Sanderson
Blake Sanderson
Semifinal Will and Harry
Semifinalists Ben, Harry, Will and Blake
Semifinalists Ben, Harry, Will and Blake
Losing Semifinalists Ben and Will
Finalists Harry and Blake
Blake Sanderson, winner