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Item 6, 16/03/2020:
Week 18/21
The final critical weeks are looming up for the League, but it's looking increasingly likely that Covid-19 will make those weeks problematic. Princes Mead School has already announced that it's closing its Sports Hall for external users, and that includes Kings Table Tennis Club, which hosts a quarter of the League's teams.
In some seasons the winners and promotion/relegation candidates are virtually assured of their places at this point, but this year we find that Division 1 in particular can still realistically be won by any of 4 teams.
Nothing like it has been seen since
the chariot race in Ben Hur. The difference now is that no-one knows if the race can even finish, as playing venues start closing down.

Division 1

Kings A 3-7 IBM A
Two of the League's strongest players, Tressa Armitage and Ed Slot, were ranged against each other here, with Ed finishing ahead in 3 straight games in the Singles, but with Tressa sharing in IBM A's Doubles win. Both players won their other 2 Singles.

Five Tees C 3-7 Kings B
Five Tees C trail the field in Division 1, and Clive Welsman and Bobby Zhou made a feast of it with 3 Singles wins each.

Medstead A 4-6 Five Tees A
Leyon Joseph has returned recently to Five Tees A after a 3-month absence, and is making a difference already. Neither side was quite at full strength, but that's been Five Tees A's story all season, having called on 9 players altogether. Three wins again for David Wills, who has single-handedly amassed half his team's points.

Division 2

IBM B 7-3 Kings C
Paul Martin of Kings C is making a speciality of doing well against IBM B - he won 3 against them for the second time this season, a feat he hasn't achieved against anyone else this season! IBM B are respectably placed in mid-table and are by no means a pushover.

Winnall 6-3 Swanmore A
With Kevin Muldowney still out injured, Swanmore A haven't been rattling up many points lately. Both teams were a player short, so the evening was short and sweet.

Division 3

Owslebury 4-6 IBM C
Owslebury continues to battle on with the barest bones of a team, thanks to the ravages of injury and ill-health. 3 wins for Martin Healey of IBM C. The highlight of the evening was when Vas Shcherbinin smashed what looked like a winner, it hit the edge of Martin Woolf's bat, spiralled up to within inches of the 10 metre-high roof of the IBM Sports Hall, still spinning viciously, landed on Vas's side of the net and then span back over it, completely unreachable.

Kings D 7-3 Kings E
A long hard slog, this one, with several players putting in hard hours and getting little to show for it. Andy Quick was the exception, with 3 wins for Kings D.

Pro photographer Tim Humphrey took a large number of table tennis action pictures at Westgate School recently - see some of them here!

Item 172, 16/03/2020:
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Item 168, 16/03/2020:
Item 238, 16/03/2020:

Item 269, 16/03/2020:
Luca Herbaut with 'Improved Player of the Year' cup
Awarded by Kings TT Club on 30th September, picture by Tim Humphrey.

Item 270, 16/03/2020:
Item 272, 16/03/2020:

Item 278, 16/02/2020:
Item 277, 02/02/2020:

Item 271, 29/10/2019:
Whatever became of Chris Prince? A Winchester Singles Finalist in 2010, he then emigrated to Adelaide. In October 2018 he represented South Australia in the National Vets TT Tournament. --------------------------------------------------------->

Item 188, 11/05/2019:
Item 273, 11/05/2019:

Item 275, 11/05/2019:

Tournament Heats

A lot of interesting matches played in an excellent spirit, very professionally planned and run by
Cameron Brealey and his team of helpers. 7 events were run through to the Semifinal stage, leading to the prospect of a Finals Night on Saturday 4th May at Itchen Abbas & Avington Village Hall that promises to be as good as ever. That's even though the current senior and Junior Singles champions, Ed Slot and Jared Schaller, missed today's Heats. Medstead, Kings, Swanmore, Five Tees and IBM were all well represented in terms of numbers and good-quality players.

Tournament Finals Results

See Pictures and a Report here

Division 3
Barry Dobson beat Tom Wood 11-8, 11-13, 11-4, 11-8
Division 2
Sorin Lakatos beat Antony Moore 11-7, 14-12, 11-9
Sandpaper Bat Singles
Cameron Brealey beat Tom Wood 15-8, 15-6
Cameron Brealey & Paul May beat Andrew Bawden & Ben Tombs 11-8, 5-11, 11-7, 11-6
Micky Lang (Medstead) beat Andy Prince (Kings) 11-13, 11-9, 9-11, 11-1, 11-9
Ben Tombs (Medstead) beat Steve Coltman (Swanmore, +13 start) 21-19, 8-21, 21-16
Open Singles
Paul May (IBM) beat David Wills (Five Tees) 4-11, 11-4, 11-9, 11-9

Watch the Open Singles Final here

Item 274, 11/05/2019:
Watch the PG Mutual Senior National Championships Finals here:
  • Women's Final, Tin Tin Ho vs Maria Tsaptsinos, starting 5 hours in
  • Men's Final, Liam Pitchford vs Paul Drinkhall, starting 6 hours in
The Women's Final is very tense!

Item 264, 20/11/2018:
Item 140, 14/10/2018:
If you haven’t already joined or renewed as a Player Member of Table Tennis England you MUST do so before playing your first league match. It’s very easy on It is a requirement of ALL playing members, gives you Public Liability Insurance and will save you being hounded by the committee. Any queries , please contact the League Secretary

Item 267, 06/10/2018:
Watch Planet Ping Pong - a fascinating hour-long history of table tennis across the world, up to 2007.
But hurry - it's only available on BBC i-Player until about 6th October 2018!
Thanks to Tony Gregan for letting me know about it.

Item 258, 26/09/2018:
Item 259, 17/09/2018:
National Cadets League (NCL)
Report by
Martyn Davey :

"This is a report of the NCL event held on Sunday 25th March at Waterside Table Tennis Club in Totton, Southampton.

The Winchester team consisted of Ethan Cheung , Will Agombar and Danny Klinger , all of the South Wonston club.

The first match was against Bournemouth B, which Winchester won 4-2.

The next round was against Southampton A, in which Winchester had some hard fought games and which resulted in a 3-3 draw.

The third round was against Reading (promoted from Div 2), which Winchester won 5-1 .

The next round was against Weymouth A, which Winchester won 4-2.

The fifth round was against Southampton A, in which they drew 3-3 .This resulted in the team coming equal 2nd with 19 points.

The team played exceptionally well with many games going to 5 legs. Many coaches present mentioned that all of the Winchester team had a good playing attitude, and demonstrated an excellent command of the game.

Item 262, 04/05/2018:
Kings A, winners of Division 1 2017-18.
Ed Slot , John McBeath , Cameron Brealey , Andy Prince .
Barry Ross played more games than anyone, but wasn't available for the photocall.

Item 260, 04/05/2018:
Anna Hursey is representing Wales at the Commonwealth Games at the age of 11. Watch her play Hannah Hicks, the current England Womens Number 5, in the Final at the London Grand Prix last year. Hannah played occasionally in the Winchester League in 2006-7, along with David McBeath (current England Number 6) and Garth Kinlocke.

Item 256, 04/05/2018:
Item 261, 04/05/2018:
Did you miss the Commonwealth Games coverage? Watch ALL of the Medal matches (not just those involving Brits!) here . The excellent Mens Singles Final (Quadri Aruna Vs Gao Ning) starts at the 3-Hour mark.

Item 257, 19/03/2018:
Item 254, 13/01/2018:
Thanks to Martyn Davey for this report about Winchester Cadets (U15):
"2nd Round of the National Cadets League held on December 3rd at Waterside Table Tennis Club, Totton.
The team was Ethan Cheung ,Will Agombar and Danny Klinger .
The first match was against Southampton A, in which the team played well and secured a score of 3-3.
In the 2nd match the team was up against the strong team of Bournemouth A in which they were able to win only 2 games, which resulted in a 2-4 scoreline.
In the 3rd round against Bournemouth B, Will and Danny both won their games comfortably. Ethan won a game and this resulted in a 5 - 1 win.
The next match was against a team that had come up from Div 2. After several hard fought games the team secured a 6 - 0 victory .
The last match was against Weymouth A, who had not lost a game all day. Ethan played well and won his games; Will was unfortunate to lose his match after taking his opponent to 5 legs, and lost 11-9 in the fifth.
The overall result was that the team finished 3rd in Div 1.
The Winchester team played very well with a good amount of skill and determination. They each have a good attitude to the game and are to be commended on their performance and sportsmanship."

There are 20 teams and 4 Divisions in this region of the National Cadets League, so Winchester did really well to come 3rd in Division 1, including finishing above Southampton A! You can see all the details here.

Item 255, 13/10/2017:

Team Cup Draws 2017-18

Home teams to arrange the match, by agreement. Matches to be played by 3rd November. Home teams to arrange the match, by agreement. Matches to be played by 5th January 2018.

Item 114, 03/09/2017:
Item 113, 03/09/2017:
Item 252, 03/09/2017:
Item 251, 03/09/2017:

Item 242, 30/04/2017:

Winchester Closed Tournament 2017


Held on Sunday 23rd April at IBM Sports Hall. The Sandpaper Bat Final was held at the Heats, with
Paddy Shephard beating Cameron Brealey and so retaining his title.

Finals Night

Will be held on Saturday 29th April at Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall. Full details are here

The probable running order (modified since Sunday)

starting at 7:30 pm sharp:
Blake Sanderson vs Harry Birch
Blake showed how hard and consistently he can hit when he got the better of current Winchester Champion Ed Slot in the Handicap. Handicaps are designed to level the playing field, so arguably the only real winners are the handicapping committee, but Blake's start of +14 gave him an opportunity to attack from the start. Get to your seats early at Finals Night on Saturday to see if he can reproduce that form off scratch against Harry Birch , who's another fast-improving youngster.
Ed Robertson vs Dom Goddard
Ed has beaten some good-quality opponents in Division 1 this season, including 3 in one night against IBM B. Dom's victims in Division 3 have included John Pryor and Roy Bright , both of them very seasoned players and well equipped to brush aside anyone who isn't handy with a bat.
Blake Sanderson (+13) vs Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith only lost 11-9 in the 5th to Ed Slot in the Open Singles qualifiers, so he's very much a force to reckon with. Blake showed he can handle a big start really well in handicap matches, but he's getting a slightly shorter lead against Morgan than he did against Ed Slot.
Jared Schaller vs Hugo Gregan
Jared, the current Holder, has beaten Julian Walton this season - need I say more? Only that his improvement since Christmas has been startling. Like Ed Slot , he can find himself in the deepest hole and hop casually out of it. Hugo Gregan may have a slightly less dramatic record, but his trump card could be that he has a 3-0 winning record against Jared!
Cameron Brealey and Ed Slot vs Paul May and John McBeath The scratch Division 2 pairing of Kevin Muldowney & Barry Dobson got to within a point of defeating current Holders Cameron and Ed 3-0 and probably the biggest upset of the day. Kevin's stream of huge backhands suddenly dried up and all was back to normal again. Ed and Cameron's experience of staring into the abyss and finding it was nothing special won't make them feel invincible: everyone knows Paul and John have plenty of fearsome weapons up their sleeves.


Division 3
Tony Gregan vs Chris Westbrook
Chris Westbrook had to beat team-mate Len Field to get to the Final. Study the stats and you'll see that's highly improbable: Len's average has been a mighty 92% and Chris's a modest 20% in the same Division! Chris played at his best, with grudging defence spiced up with the occasional big hit. In the Final he'll be up against another team-mate with a similar mix of they-shall-not-pass blocking and then a big hit that quite often finds its mark.
Division 2
Glenn Phur vs Kevin Muldowney
Although Kevin has an excellent record in Division 2 this season, and has nearly always beaten Glenn in the past, Finals Night is a bit more of a cauldron than your average League match. Be prepared for a close match!
Paul May vs Cameron Brealey
A repeat of last year's Final - but will Paul repeat his win? As before, Cameron will carry the burdens of a Tournament Organiser, but he's proved he does it extremely well and has nothing to worry about there.
Open Singles
Ed Slot vs John McBeath
John has lost only one Division 1 League match this season - an extremely close affair with Ed Slot , each of their 5 sets going to 11-9 or beyond. John last played in our League about 10 years ago, with Garth Kinlocke (reached Number 9 in England) and brother David McBeath (the current England Number 4). That was quite a Winnall team!

Thanks for making it all happen!

Cameron Brealey planned and oversaw the whole event, but he had plenty of willing helpers, many from Kings TT Club. Chris, Barry, Jill, Allan, Adrian and others, all played a part.

Item 999, 29/04/2017:
Winchester Table Tennis League (Hants,UK): Tournament 2017

Clubs: click on a club name to see club information and player results:

Winchester Table Tennis League: Finals Night 2017
Pictures (by Tim Humphrey) and Report (by Martin Healey)

Click on a Slideshow picture to see it full size and in its original format
Cycle through each Slideshow by clicking on Prev or Next buttons
Watch Ed Slot play John McBeath in the Singles Final
Winners and Runners Up
Table tennis means everything!
Finals Night pictures by Tim Humphrey
Barry Dobson , Div 3 Winner
Cameron Brealey , O40 Veterans
Ed Slot /Cameron Brealey , Doubles Winners
Patrick Garlick , Handicap Winner
Paul May /Patrick Garlick , Doubles
Paul May , Singles, Veterans O40 Winner
Ed Slot , Singles Winner
Ed Robertson , U15
Jared Schaller , U15 Winner
Martin Healey , Div 3
Harry Gavins , U18
Jared Schaller , U18 Winner
Geoff Pavey , Div 2
Antony Moore , Div 2 Winner

Winchester Table Tennis League: Finals Night 2017

Report by Martin Healey

Judging by the comments I heard, this Finals Night was just as enjoyable as all the others we've seen in recent years. Plenty of hard-fought battles in the playing arena, and an audience eager for thrills, spills and laughs. The biggest laugh went to a ping-pong ball which whizzed up into the rafters and then landed cleanly several seconds later in a half-filled wineglass. The wineglass swallowed the ball as neatly as a performing seal.

Last year we wondered whether Ben Cawston would complete a 140-mile drive from Tipton in time for a very late Singles Final; this time it was Ed Slot who had us wondering, but as he was only coming from the Basingstoke Closed Heats, things weren't too desperate. He went on to win the Singles at their Finals Night in the following week - you can find that on YouTube, too.

Event Match
Sandpaper Bat Paddy Shephard beat John McBeath in 2 15-up sets
This competition was played through to a conclusion at the Heats on Sunday 23rd April, mainly to avoid the problem of players possibly having to play with two different kinds of bat on the same night, and also to save time at Finals Night.
Martin had astonishingly beaten Paul May in the Semis - that was about as amazing as Leicester City winning the Premier League, if not more so. Martin, an above-average Division 3 player, had never seen a sandpaper bat until the day of the Heats. In the Final he came up against one of last year's Finalists, and Paddy demonstrated just what a technically strong and versatile player he is. Martin played well, but he couldn't make any headway against a man holding all the best cards.
Under 13 Singles Blake Sanderson Harry Birch 11-8,11-5, 8-11, 11-4
Jared won the Under 18s in straight sets last year, so on the face of it this wasn't going to be much of a challenge for him. As it turned out, Ed at the other end of the table proved to be a tough proposition, with some very comfortable attacking shots on both wings, and sound defence against Jared's topspin. Maybe it was Jared's greater experience that told in the end, but Ed did extremely well for someone who's only been playing for a few months
Under 15 Singles Ed Robertson Dom Goddard 11-8,11-5, 8-11, 11-4
Jared won the Under 18s in straight sets last year, so on the face of it this wasn't going to be much of a challenge for him. As it turned out, Ed at the other end of the table proved to be a tough proposition, with some very comfortable attacking shots on both wings, and sound defence against Jared's topspin. Maybe it was Jared's greater experience that told in the end, but Ed did extremely well for someone who's only been playing for a few months
Handicap Singles Morgan Smith (+0) Blake Sanderson (+13) 21-18, 21-14
Barry's initial lead of 9 in these 21-up Handicap games looked reasonable enough, but it's hard to gauge someone who only played against top Division 1 teams against a very successful Division 3 player. Barry played his usual tenacious game, defending and moving quickly as well as ever, but when Patrick spotted an opening he hit far too hard to give Barry a chance to lay bat on ball.
Under 18 Singles Jared Schaller Hugo Gregan 11-5, 11-6, 11-5
We know Harry is a good player - he played in almost all of South Wonston B")' href=SouthWonstonB.html>South Wonston B")' href=SouthWonstonB.html>South Wonston B")' href=SouthWonstonB.html>South Wonston B's matches in Division 2, helping them to a 2nd-place finish and averaging 73%. Unfortunately he never really got going against Jared, who perhaps was feeling more relaxed after his earlier win, while Harry was probably finding the frenetic Finals Night atmosphere a bit of a shock in his first Final. You don't get much chance to find your feet in this kind of event!
Doubles Ed Slot and Cameron Brealey Paul May and John McBeath 9-11, 10-12, 11-9, 11-8, 11-8
The night's only 5-setter, and something of a classic. Paul and Patrick nicked the first two sets, with Paul exceptionally strong on the backhand and Patrick on the forehand. Then Ed and Cameron found a bit more rhythm and coaxed a few more errors. This was a fascinating contest, but somehow the capturing of the 3rd set seemed to take the match inevitably towards a 5th, with the momentum favouring Ed and Cameron.
Division 3 Singles Tony Gregan Chris Westbrook 11-5, 11-5, 8-11, 11-6
Barry had a very successful season in Division 3, so he wasn't likely to find Martin posing a serious threat. Martin's strategy, if that's the word for it, was to try to pat the ball high up in the air and hope Barry might make a few errors in going for some glory shots; or better still, a lot of errors. It wasn't likely to happen, and it didn't happen.
Division 2 Singles Kevin Muldowney Glenn Phur 7-11, 11-6, 11-7, 11-7
Anyone who has seen Antony play will have been hoping he'd be able to unleash his famous swinging forehand now and then. He was, but this was serious stuff and not the time to think too much about pleasing the crowd. Both players worked hard and there really wasn't a great deal to choose between them. In the end Antony's overall better playing record this season probably gave him the feeling he only had to keep going to come out on top, which is what happened.
Veterans (over 40) Singles Paul May Cameron Brealey 11-2, 11-9, 11-8
Two opposing Doubles players opposed each other in this event. Paul, making it look easy, was particularly brutal with flat hits that Cameron found difficult to chop against, even though he's one of the best defenders in the League. Cameron of course just kept going, trying not to offer anything tempting on the backhand and putting aside any distracting thoughts that Tournament Organisers may have as the evening unfolds!
Open Singles Ed Slot Paul May 11-8, 11-8, 11-7
You can watch the whole of this match here. 10 minutes of pure gold!
Earlier in the evening Paul had been able to thrill us all with his big flat-hit backhands, but you can only hit a backhand if it's there to be hit, and Ed successfully denied Paul the chance to feel better about himself by forcing him to use his forehand, which was not quite reliable enough on the night. Very frustrating - and of course frustration rarely improves performance! Ed was a worthy winner of a match did which didn't quite reach the heights of last year's Final (Panjun Li against Ben Cawston , who umpired this Final), and Ed against Brian Hayes in 2014.


These were made by Mick Bryant, who has made a big contribution to the League by reviving the Winnall")' href=Winnall.html>Winnall")' href=Winnall.html>Winnall")' href=Winnall")' href=Winnall.html>Winnall")' href=Winnall.html>Winnall.html>Winnall")' href=Winnall.html>Winnall")' href=Winnall.html>Winnall club and then helping to start up the Kings club, where he's President and still plays on Mondays.

Division Awards
Division 1 IBM A Kings A
Division 2 Kings B Swanmore A
Division 3 South Wonston D Kings C

Team Competitions
Team Eliminator IBM A IBM B
Shield ('Division 2/3 Championship') Medstead Kings C
Conder-Winnall (handicap) Five Tees AHursley

Individual Awards
Arthur Richards Cup ('outstanding achievement') Jill Wilson
As League Secretary for the past few years Jill has applied her exceptional qualities of tact, patience, persuasiveness and reasonableness to the job of making sure the League has run smoothly and fairly. That's not easy when team captains sometimes feel sore about injustices and lack of responsivess (real or imagined) from other teams. As an example, this season absolutely all matches got played, and that hasn't happened for at least 10 years!
Owen Booker Cup (top average in any Division, and played at least 75% of matches) Tim Kimber 94% after 50 individual legs
Colin Sly Giantkiller Cup (most surprising win by an underdog) Dave Sansome With a 14% average, beat someone on 72%!

As ever, the organisation and running of Finals Night was highly polished and efficient, and thanks are due to Cameron Brealey (the Organiser) and his team of merry helpers - Antony Moore , Barry Ross , Chris Sabourin , Andy and Suzanne Prince behind the bar, the umpires, and finally Tim Humphrey for his wonderful pictures.

Item 203, 02/04/2017:
Item 207, 02/04/2017:
Item 123, 02/04/2017:
Muscular pain or injury? Bernard Stebbing 's wife Amanda is a fully qualified Massage Therapist. 20% "table tennis" discount available on request for players and their families! See Amanda's web page here , or call her on 07732 669 639.

Item 237, 02/04/2017:
Congratulations to Ben Cawston on reaching the last 8 of the English Junior National Championships at Huddersfield (30th April 2016). Ben beat the 6th ranked England player, Alec Ward, 11-9 in the 7th game (!) before losing to the England number 2, Luke Savill. Garth Kinlocke was the League's last player to get to the last 8 of the Juniors, about 10 years ago. He got as high as 14th in England Men, and is still (May 2016) ranked 22nd.

Item 209, 02/04/2017:
Item 250, 12/03/2017:

3 Winners' Trophies for South Wonston in Hants County Closed Tournament

Read a full Report here

Item 249, 07/02/2017:

English Schools TTA Hampshire Individual Finals

Georgia Barker wins the U13s, while Ed Robertson , Jared Schaller , Blake Sanderson and others enjoy mixed fortunes at Waterside.

Read Paddy Shephard 's report here.

You can see other recent reports about young Winchester (and South Wonston!) players on the Juniors pages.

Item 243, 07/02/2017:

The Basingstoke Open Championship 2017

Saturday 21st January 2017
Aldworth School
(Sports hall)
Western Way, Basingstoke
Hampshire, RG22 6HA

Entry Form
Deadline for entries: 14th January 2017
This year the tournament is being aimed more at county/local league players, down to a minimum of division 2 standard, however it is still open to players of any standard.
Everyone can expect to play at least 7 matches!

Item 248, 07/02/2017:
Recently a number of young players took part in a tournament at Wildern School to find the best Under 11 boys and girls in the Winchester/Eastleigh area. There were 16 boys and 16 girls competing, with the top two boys and the top 2 girls winning places in the Hampshire Schools Finals at Waterside Table Tennis Club in Totton later in the month.

The players were put in groups of 4 with the top two in each group entering a knockout competition. In the semi finals of both competitions all players came from South Wonston Table Tennis Club. The four girls in the semi finals were all from St Bede, and St Bede also had boys in the semi-finals. The two other boys in the semi-final were from Western Primary in Winchester and Fairoak Primary in Eastleigh.
Congratulations to the two girls, who will now attend the Hampshire Finals, Pippa and Emily, and to the two boys, Danny and Ben, who also will compete in Totton.

Item 245, 07/02/2017:

Further success for Winchester in National Cadet League

Round 2 (4th December) in Division 1

As in Round 1, the team was
Ed Robertson , Blake Sanderson and Ethan Cheung .
Lost to Bournemouth 0-6
Beat Southampton A 4-2
Beat Weymouth B 6-0
Beat Southampton B 4-2
Beat Weymouth A 6-0
The team played very well and finished second with 20 points.

Round 1 (6th November) in Division 2

The team of Ed Robertson , Blake Sanderson and Ethan Cheung played in the National Cadet League on Sunday 6th November at Waterside Table Tennis Club, Totton. Cadets were under 14 at the start of 2016.

They played in Division 2 and played 5 matches over the day, winning all them 6-0! This result gives them promotion to Division 1. You can see full results here . Thanks to Martyn Davey and Paddy Shephard for the reports and picture.

Item 246, 07/02/2017:

Great results for Westgate at Schools County Championships

Thanks to Andy Hider, Head of Pupil Support at Westgate for this report:
On December 5th 2016, The Westgate school took two teams to the Table Tennis County Finals at Testwood College. Our Under 16 team were young (only Year 9 boys) but all four players were of a very good standard. They were drawn against some top opposition in the first round, but played exceptionally well to beat both schools to get through to the final stages. The next two teams that they played presented a real challenge and there were some incredible nail biting games, which went right to the wire. All four players played so well and fought right to the end to win the whole competition - well done to
Ed Robertson , Ethan Cheung , Will Crompton and Finlay Peters .
Our Under 13 team were very nervous as only a few of them had played in competitions before. Their first round was nearly all over as they struggled to find their form but narrowly got through to the final stages by one game! They then stepped up their play and again fought a hard battle to beat both schools to become U13 champions as well. Well played to Harry Birch , Henry Crompton, Harry Benson and Luke Salwey.
With both teams through to the Regional Zone finals in London and our friends at St Bede's Primary school through too, Winchester has once again led the way!

Item 241, 24/12/2016:
Congratulations to Blake Sanderson of South Wonston A on winning the 8th October Young Players Tournament at Waterside in Southampton.
This was in a field of 32 players, so it's a fine achievement!

Item 244, 24/12/2016:
Item 247, 24/12/2016:
Item 146, 29/11/2016:
Team Captains/Contacts, 2015-16
This link is now available via 'Contacts' in the Menu Bar near the top of most pages on this website

Item 226, 23/11/2016:
Item 240, 28/10/2016:
Tournament for non-League players age 65+ at Fleming Park Eastleigh on 29th Oct - see here for details. A good chance to get into the game, or to get back into the game!
Closing date for entries is 5th October.

Item 239, 15/06/2016:
Good news from Andy Prince at the Bristol One Star vets tournament: "Today Cameron Brealey , Allan Bransgrove and myself played in the Bristol one star vets tournament like we did last year. Allan won one of his 7 games in which he played very well and he enjoyed the whole experience. Cameron came 3rd having lost to the winner and the runner up he also played very well, 5 out of the 7 matches of his went to 5 sets. I won the gold medal and a £25 Bribar gift certificate having won 7 out of 7 undefeated, awesome day great fun."

Item 221, 18/05/2016:

Important information for Division 2 Clubs

If you are travelling to an away match versus
Winnall ..

Winnall's home venue (Tubbs Hall in Kings Worthy)

will not be available until 8:00 pm, until further notice.

Please make sure your team-mates are aware!

Item 224, 18/05/2016:
Item 235, 18/05/2016:
Item 229, 07/05/2016:

Item 236, 07/05/2016:

Item 223, 07/05/2016:
Paddy Shephard has contributed a very interesting article about his trip to the World Cup in Sweden (October 2015). It includes ideas he picked up as a coach - ideas which can make you a better player! Read Paddy's article here

Item 215, 07/05/2016:
The Shield (Div 2 Cup) was won 6-3 by Hursley")' href=Hursley.html>Hursley")' href=Hursley.html>Hursley")' href=Hursley")' href=Hursley.html>Hursley")' href=Hursley.html>Hursley.html>Hursley")' href=Hursley.html>Hursley")' href=Hursley.html>Hursley. Kings D")' href=KingsD.html>Kings D")' href=KingsD.html>Kings D")' href=KingsD.html>Kings D were runners-up.
Ollie Cox & Adrian Reeves v Martin Ceresa & Barry Dobson 11-9,11-8,13-11
John Pryor v Martin Goldstein 11-7,8-11,11-5,9-11,7-11
Adrian Reeves v Martin Ceresa 10-12,4-11,11-8,5-11
Ollie Cox v Barry Dobson 11-6,11-9,11-5
Adrian Reeves & John Pryor v Barry Dobson & Martin Goldstein 9-11,12-10,8-11,5-11
Ollie Cox v Martin Ceresa 7-11,7-11,3-11
Adrian Reeves v Martin Goldstein 6-11,8-11,12-14
John Pryor v Barry Dobson 3-11,9-11,11-9,4-11
Ollie Cox & John Pryor v Martin Ceresa & Martin Goldstein 11-6,7-11,11-4,12-10

Item 232, 26/04/2016:
South Wonston players did exceptionally well at the latest Young Players' Tournament at Waterside on Sunday 10th April.
Mike Robertson has kindly provided this report: "There were 28 players altogether, with South Wonston being represented by Georgia Barker, Harry Benson,
Dominic Goddard and Ed Robertson . All enjoyed playing in a variety of groups over the course of the afternoon. Dominic and Ed were unbeaten going into the final round and this put them in a group with Joe Watkins & Ben Hounsell, both of Waterside. Ed beat Ben in 4 games and Dominic beat Joe in 3 games to set up an all South Wonston final.
It was a great match: Dominic won the first 2 games, but Ed fought back to finally win 9-11, 7-11, 11-9, 11-7, 11-6."
Dom (left), Ed (right), with their trophies. Both boys have played well in Division 3 this season.

Item 234, 25/04/2016:
Remember this news item from a couple of years back? We've had another request for a good picture of George. If you have one, please contact
Remember him? He's George Philpott, an exceptionally skilful defensive Winnall club player from the mid 70's to the early 80's. The pic dates from 1953, when he reached the later stages of the Daily Mirror National Table Tennis Tournament Boys Singles.
A Somerset local League, where George played in his early days, has asked if anyone has any memories of George; if so, email and I'll pass them on.

Item 233, 17/04/2016:

Kings A pip Kings C in Conder- handicap final

Jill Wilson reports "Once again the handicap assessors get it right! It went to the wire, Kings A winning the deciding 9th match in a gripping 3-setter between Keith Hewitt and John Pryor ."

Item 231, 10/04/2016:
Item 228, 01/04/2016:
Paddy Shephard , South Wonston TT Club's Chief Coach, writes "On Sunday 21 Feb we took 8 young players from South Wonston TTC to the Southern Area Inter-Regional Qualifying tournament. There are 10 Regions in England, and the Southern one comprises Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Oxford and Surrey.
All the players were boys ranging from Under 11 to Cadet (Under 15). All played well and improved their experience of tournament play. The boys who took part were Under 11s Will Nye , Harry Birch and Ben Mercer; Under 13s Blake Sanderson , Matt James , Finlay Peters , Ben Sauve, and Cadet Ed Robertson .
In the Under 11s Will Nye and Harry Birch were both undefeated in their groups. In the rearranged groups Will was unlucky and lost a three-setter which meant he did not qualify.
Harry Birch
Harry lost only two matches and has now qualified for the Finals, which are to be held in Kettering on the week-end of 21 and 22 May. There he will play for the Southern Region Under 11 Boys Team against all the other regional teams, and on the Sunday he'll take part in the individual tournament. The only players excluded from this competition are the 20 best players in England at each age group."

Item 196, 19/03/2016:
Item 222, 19/03/2016:
Item 230, 19/03/2016:
Item 227, 24/02/2016:

South Wonston TT Club young players make an impact at County level

Hampshire Schools held their Championships recently.
Under 11 Boys
Will Nye of Harestock School, the 2015 Winchester Primary Schools champion, competed in the Winchester/Eastleigh area Under 11 competition and won that one. He then took part in the Hampshire Schools finals held at Waterside TTC in Southampton on 12 February. He beat all his opponents and became Under 11 Boys Hampshire Schools champion. He now competes in the National Championships, to be held at Aldersley Leisure Centre near Wolverhampton, on Saturday 23 April.
Under 13 Boys
After winning the Winchester/Eastleigh area Under 13 competition, Ed Robertson of Westgate School then took part in the Hampshire Schools finals at Waterside, ending runner-up after losing to Thomas Poynter, who is ranked 41 in England at Under 13 level.

Item 219, 18/02/2016:

Team Cups

Item 225, 12/02/2016:

Item 210, 10/10/2015:
The Primary School League starts again - see here for a report!
Helpers are always welcome and needed to help with scoring and umpiring - many of the young players are still at a very early stage in their table tennis careers! Please contact Paddy Shephard on 07443508300 if you can help on (some or more) Fridays, 3:45 pm to 5:15 pm. It's enjoyable and rewarding!

Introductory evening at Westgate School ..

Item 206, 07/10/2015:
Thanks to Paddy Shephard for sending me these links:

Game 1 is the singles final between Xu Xin (Chinese World No 1) and Fan Zhendong (Chinese 17 year old world No 3)

Game 2 is one of the finals singles in the Team Event. Ma Long (Chinese World No 2) and Joo Sae-Hyuk (South Korean World No 17)

Item 205, 03/10/2015:
Primary Schools Singles and Team Presentations
Will Nye of Harestock Primary
Runner-Up: Jasper Sandys-Winsch of Western Primary
Presentations kindly made by the Mayor of Winchester, Cllr Eileen Berry.
Click here for a report of the Presentations.

Item 194, 25/08/2015:
Item 211, 28/07/2015:

Finals Night Results

Read a Report and see Tim Humphrey's dramatic pictures

Click here to watch the YouTube video. Play it at half speed if you can't keep up!

Saturday 25th April
  1. U13 Singles: Sacha Groom beat Will Rollitt   11-3, 5-11, 11-7, 4-11, 11-5
  2. U15 Singles: Jared Schaller beat Ollie Kierans   11-7, 11-6, 11-6
  3. Sandpaper bat: Panjun Li beat Paddy Shephard   15-14, 13-15, 15-12
  4. Doubles: Barry Ross & Chris Sabourin beat Andy Prince & Paul May   6-11, 11-4, 11-7, 12-10
  5. Division 2 Singles: Barry Dobson beat Phil Weatherill   10-12, 11-7, 11-9, 11-5
  6. Veterans (Over 40) Singles: Paddy Shephard beat Steve Buckmaster   11-3, 11-5, 4-11, 11-7
  7. Handicap Singles: Steve Lawson (+6) beat Cameron Brealey   21-15, 21-16
  8. Singles: Ben Cawston beat Panjun Li   8-11, 10-12, 11-7, 13-11, 11-7

Finals Night picture gallery ... 70+ pictures by Tim Humphrey
Every club should be represented. You can find directions to the Castle club here

Item 109, 06/10/2013:
Item 141, 01/10/2013:
FIXTURES 2013-2014

See the complete up-to-date fixture lists here , apart from any specific matche dates changed by the teams concerned.

Here are the changes made since this item was originally published, which was on or about 24th August 2013:
  • Five Tees A's Home night has moved from Thursday to Wednesday. This change is not likely to be in the new Handbook, due out soon: beware! (information changed as of 22nd September 2013)
  • South Wonston C has dropped out before the League has started! Only 3 players were registered, so there were no spares to call on when one player withdrew and another was injured. Team 8 in Division 2 is now 'Blank'; South Wonston D retains its team identity. (information changed as of 18th September 2013)
  • South Wonston B and D have changed home nights and/or team numbers(information changed as of 26th August 2013)
  • 'Blank' in Div 1 has changed from '2' to '8'. and Swanmore A has changed from '8' to '2'(information changed as of 7th September 2013)
  • Home Night for Hursley A and Hursley B is now Wednesday; start time is 8:00 pm in September and October; new venue is here(information changed as of 18th September 2013)

Some may be too late for inclusion in the League Handbook, to be published shortly.

For a week starting Monday

23 SEPT 2013 30 SEPT 2013 7 OCT 2013 14 OCT 2013
1 v 12 11 v 1 1 v 10 9 v 1
2 v 11 10 v 2 2 v 9 8 v 2
3 v 10 9 v 3 3 v 8 7 v 3
4 v 9 8 v 4 4 v 7 6 v 4
5 v 8 7 v 5 5 v 6 5 v 12
6 v 7 12 v 6 12 v 11 10 v 11

21 OCT 2013 28 OCT 2013 4 NOV 2013 11 NOV 2013
Cup/blank Cup/blank 1 v 8 7 v 1
2 v 7 6 v 2
3 v 6 5 v 3
4 v 5 4 v 12
11 v 9 8 v 11
12 v 10 9 v 10

18 NOV 2013 25 NOV 2013 2 DEC 2013 9 DEC 2013
1 v 6 5 v 1 1 v 4 3 v 1
2 v 5 4 v 2 2 v 3 2 v 12
3 v 4 3 v 12 11 v 5 4 v 11
11 v 7 6 v 11 10 v 6 5 v 10
10 v 8 7 v 10 9 v 7 6 v 9
12 v 9 8 v 9 12 v 8 7 v 8

16 DEC 2013 30 DEC 2013
Cup/blank Cup/blank

6 JAN 2014 13 JAN 2014 20 JAN 2014 27 JAN 2014
1 v 2 12 v 1 1 v 11 Cup/Blank
11 v 3 11 v 2 2 v 10
10 v 4 10 v 3 3 v 9
9 v 5 9 v 4 4 v 8
8 v 6 8 v 5 5 v 7
12 v 7 7 v 6 6 v 12

3 FEB 2014 10 FEB 2014 17 FEB 2014 24 FEB 2014
10 v 1 1 v 9 8 v 1 Cup/Blank
9 v 2 2 v 8 7 v 2
8 v 3 3 v 7 6 v 3
7 v 4 4 v 6 5 v 4
6 v 5 12 v 5 9 v 11
11 v 12 11 v 10 10 v 12

3 MAR 2014 10 MAR 2014 17 MAR 2014 24 MAR 2014
1 v 7 6 v 1 1 v 5 4 v 1
2 v 6 5 v 2 2 v 4 3 v 2
3 v 5 4 v 3 12 v 3 5 v 11
12 v 4 7 v 11 11 v 6 6 v 10
11 v 8 8 v 10 10 v 7 7 v 9
10 v 9 9 v 12 9 v 8 8 v 12

31 MAR 2014 7 APR 2014 14 APR 2014
1 v 3 Cup/Blank 2 v 1
12 v 2 3 v 11
11 v 4 4 v 10
10 v 5 5 v 9
9 v 6 6 v 8
8 v 7 7 v 12

Division 1
1 Kings  A Monday
2 Swanmore  A Tuesday
3 Five  Tees A Wednesday
4 Castle  A Monday
5 IBM  A Monday
6 IBM  B Monday
7 Kings  B Monday
8 Blank
9 Hursley  A Wednesday
10 Castle  B Monday
11 IBM  C Monday
12 South  Wonston A Monday

Division 2
1 South  Wonston D Monday
2 Blank
3 Five Tees  B Tuesday
4 Hursley  B Wednesday
5 Kings  D Monday
6 Blank
7 South  Wonston B Wednesday
8 Winnall Thursday
9 Swanmore  B Tuesday
10 Owslebury  Monday
11 Kings C Monday
12 IBM D Monday

Item 110, 24/09/2013:
If you haven't finished reading this year's Handbook yet, you may not have noticed that the "playing up" Regulation has changed. You can now play up 4 times for higher teams without losing your qualification to play for your original team. Full details are on page 26, Regulation 3 c.

Item 128, 24/09/2013:
Glenn Phur writes "This year I have started a company that is offering table tennis based sports breaks aimed at the average club player. The breaks take place in quality venues, with coaching and sometimes combining other sports. They also provide activities for the rest of the family. I am sure this would be of interest to the players in the League! Our link is
Next Events - Coaching with Joanna Parker England’s No.1 6th & 7th April at The Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke.
A “Table Tennis & Golf Break” at Old Thorns Golf & Country Club, Liphook."
If you have any questions you can contact Glenn on 0844 57 60 400 or email

Item 129, 24/09/2013:
News of the Basingstoke Open from Patrick Garlick :
"Ed Slot defeated Tressa Armitage in the final of the open singles to take the gold medal and the £40 winners prize, Tressa had to settle for the silver medal and the £20 runners up prize.
Glenn Phur was runner up in the open singles consolation event for players knocked out in the group stage.
Ben Cawston was runner up in the junior singles after defeating Morgan Smith in the semis and took home the £10 runners up prize.
Ben and Morgan took the junior doubles title without dropping a set."
Tressa was leading 2-0, but Ed came back to take the 5th at 11-8.

Item 107, 25/04/2013:
Team competitions:
Reg White 's phone number is 01794 390561, not as shown on the Team Cups competition listings!
IBM B will meet IBM A in the Team Eliminating Cup Final

Item 117, 25/04/2013:
South Wonston A team captain/contact:
This is now Paddy Shephard on 01264 860887 and 07747 052434 (mobile).
Phil Weatherill is currently not available as the contact.

Item 124, 25/04/2013:
Jersey is nice at Easter - why not take in the 7th NatWest Jersey Open Easter 2013 Grand Prix tournament, either as a player or spectator? Entry Forms available here

Item 135, 19/04/2013:
Hampshire Closed Tournament, 10th March 2013
Nick Webb reports: "Winchester players were in action in yesterday's (poorly attended) Hampshire Closed Tournament at Waterside: Katie Cleary was the Ladies Singles Champion & half of the Ladies Doubles winners, Katie & Julian Walton took the Mixed title, Julian & Nick Webb were the Men's Doubles runners-up, Nick Webb was the Veterans Men's runner-up, Julian & Ed Slot were Mens singles semi-finalists."

Item 70, 14/04/2013:
All League players are required to become members of the ETTA. The League will not do this for you, though your Club may. You can become a member, or link your existing ETTA membership to Winchester for free, via the ETTA web pages here , or call 0845 0500 388 (9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays) - have your credit card number handy!
ETTA membership includes free insurance cover. That's important to you - accidents do happen!
ETTA members (probably)
who need to
link their Membership
to Winchester via the 'Organisations' tab
Players who are ETTA Members but who appear not to have paid for this season

440 Winchester League players ARE known to be ETTA members and HAVE PAID!
This list may be slightly out of date, so send an email if you should be removed from it!

Item 68, 27/03/2013:
Looking for a fun place to play table tennis on Monday evenings?
Kings TT Club (near Winchester) offers friendly, informal table tennis for all, from 7:15 pm to 10:15 pm. All standards, ages and genders are catered for - as long as you're tall enough to see over the top of a table! Bring £3.00 and you can play for the whole evening. See here for more details.

Item 136, 18/03/2013:

 Martin Healey (IBM)
Item 13, 18/03/2013:

Item 111, 14/03/2013:
Tressa Armitage , of South Wonston TT Club and still a Junior, won the Women's Open at the Bristol Grand Prix recently. Tressa remained unbeaten throughout the tournament and eventually defeated Emma Vickers - a regular Senior International player - 13-11 in the fifth. Although Tressa has previously won banded events this was her first Women's Open win. Tressa has now joined a Senior Elite team in Italy, and trains and plays regularly there.

Item 112, 14/03/2013:

South Wonston TT Club has achieved Clubmark Accreditation!
Obtaining Clubmark Accreditation is a significant achievement for any sports club, opening doors to various funding opportunities.
ETTA Clubmark clubs is a part of the star rating system, designed to show people looking for clubs a good idea of what a club offers in terms of coaching, venue and environment.
If you're looking for a club to join, or are a parent looking for a well-qualified club for your children, South Wonston TT Club should be high on your list!

Item 125, 14/03/2013:
Winchester Juniors excel in the southern area National Junior League Division 1
David Binns says: "I have to report very good news!
The rules of the National Junior League meant that we could not change our playing order due to our teams ranking changes. So Morgan Smith played 1st, Adam Lee 2nd, and Ben Cawston 3rd. As you may know, Ben Cawston is now ranked above both Morgan and Adam in the ETTA Junior Rankings.
First up we played last time's runners up Lancing, the team from West Sussex near Brighton. The team played superbly and we won 5-1. Our second match was against Bournemouth B team; here again we played well, once again winning the match 5-1. Next up, the big one: we played Southampton West, last time's league winners. Here we saw a superb performance by Ben beating Nathan Hack, and Adam beating Alan Dawson in a 5 game thriller, giving us a 4-2 match victory. This is the first time we have ever won against any Southampton West team, and you could see my clear delight! Our next match was against the local team of Fareham. The highlight in this match was the incredible victory over highly ranked cadet Jonney McMullen by Morgan.
In our final game we played the very strong Bournemouth A team with top seed Zac Dowling, and Matthew Daish, ETTA ranked No 9 at Cadet level. Here Morgan had an amazing victory over top seed Zac Dowling, and Ben had a fantastic win against Matthew Daish to give us a 3-3 draw.
Final performance results are: Morgan Played 10, Won 8; Adam Played 10, Won 3; Ben Played 10, Won 10.

You can see the tables and averages here .

It was wonderful to hear comments like "Winchester have created a very strong team", and special comments for Morgan, Adam and Ben. So we are looking at the best Juniors in the southern area! Keep right on, team Winchester!
I am now a very happy man."

Item 127, 14/03/2013:
Hampshire County Closed Tournaments:
Seniors 2013 (.doc format)
Seniors 2013 (.pdf format)
Juniors 2013 (.doc format)
Juniors 2013 (.pdf format)
Please note that Junior entries are due in by Sunday 17th Feb (!)

Item 131, 04/03/2013:
Winchester League Table Tennis Championships 2013
(Resulting from Heats played on 24th February)
Round-by-round Heats details
Saturday 27th April at 7:00 pm
Itchen Abbas & Avington Village Hall, Main Road, Itchen Abbas SO21 1BQ

Heats get away to a cold start

The folk on the left are thawing out nicely ... pretty soon they may be able to move again.

Then a new generation of players sets up a hot Finals Night

More people entered the Tournament this year than last, but where were the IBM Division 1 contingent? They usually come along in droves, but this time only Nick Webb and Paul May (sorely afflicted with tennis elbow) made it. A shame, since IBM teams currently occupy 3 of the top 4 places in Division 1. Fortunately Kings and South Wonston in particular came forward with a talented mix of Juniors and players new to the League, so Finals Night (27th April) promises to offer the usual set of high-quality and exciting matches.

Even before play began there was a buzz around the Draw Sheets as an unfamiliar name (Chris Sabourin ) was spotted as 3rd Seed. Chris and another newcomer, Sanga Quamina , may not have been known at the start of the day, but they both made an impact during the day and may make a lot more in the coming weeks, as Kings A sets about clearing a backlog of delayed matches. Chris has a top average in the Gloucester League, while Sanga showed he has an exciting array of shots at his disposal as he worked his way to the Final, beating Andy Prince , Paul May and Patrick Garlick to get there.

Ed Slot was the day's outstanding player, getting to 3 Finals, including the Handicap, which he last won in 2009 with a start of +7! The big South Wonston trio of Paddy Shephard , Ben Cawston and Morgan Smith all impressed, with Paddy knocking Ben out of the Singles after taking the first game 20-18. Andy Prince needed +8 in the Handicap to narrowly beat Sanga Quamina , but could not quite capitalise on the +3 start he had on Morgan Smith . The Doubles was perhaps the most severely affected by the absence of some of the top players, but Ben and Morgan beat everyone they were asked to beat in getting to the Final, along with Ed Slot and Ross Lingard , whose victims included the more fancied Nick Webb and Patrick Garlick pairing.

The Division 2 Finalists (Pete Humphry and Malcolm Davis ) are both on 100% at this late stage of the season: they obviously haven't met each other during the League season, so who will win on the night? The best way to find out is to come to Finals Night, Saturday 27th April, in the very pleasant settng of Itchen Abbas & Avington Village Hall. Put it in your diary!

Malcolm Davis is also in the Veterans final, against Paddy Shephard . Both have strong winning habits, but they play in different Divisions so it's hard to compare their form or guess how their styles will suit each other.

You can see a short video here, featuring some of the Singles entrants.

Patrick Garlick and Chris Sabourin

Here you can see round-by-round Heats details, which were supplied very speedily by Adrian Reeves , the Tournament Organiser, and his expert helpers.

Item 122, 19/02/2013:
New Trivia Item Have you or your team-mates improved since last year? What do you think? What do the stats say? Look here!

Item 115, 19/02/2013:
Winchester Tournament Entry Forms

Print version (.pdf) (Print and post to Adrian Reeves as shown on the form)
MS Office/OpenOffice.Org version (Fill in and email to Adrian Reeves as shown on the form)
2013 Tournament Dates:
  • Heats: Sunday 24th Feb 2013 (at IBM Hursley)
  • Finals Night: Saturday 27th April (at Itchen Abbas & Avington Village Hall)

Item 89, 30/01/2013:

Saturday is Finals Night!

With the League now complete (IBM B sensationally beat IBM A in the final League match on Monday), and the Team Cups done and polished, it's time to concentrate on Finals Night!

For your diary: Sat 21st April, 7:00pm for 7:30 pm: Finals Night at Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall. The evening will finish around 10:00 pm after the presentation of cups and trophies, and a fund-raising raffle. There is no admission charge.

If you've been to Finals Night before, you know it takes place on a Saturday evening at the height of Spring in one of the loveliest villages in the Itchen valley, a couple of miles down the road from the Kings TT Club venue on the B3047. The hall itself is modern and perfect for watching or playing table tennis - you can take your family and friends there with pride!

Parking is plentiful, and a bar will run throughout the evening.

You can expect to see some exciting table tennis, culminating in the Open Singles Final between Julian Walton and Dave Menzel. Until the final match of the season neither man had been defeated in the League this season, so expect fireworks and a very high standard of play!

Here's the programme (the exact running order is not yet known):

  • Handicap: Adrian Reeves(+2) Vs Ross Lingard
  • Doubles: Dave Menzel and Nick Webb Vs Julian Walton and Matt Byers
  • Veterans: Nick Webb Vs Paul May
  • Under 15: Alex Amies Vs Ben Cawston
  • Under 18: Matt Byers Vs Morgan Smith
  • Division 2: Ross Lingard Vs Adrian Reeves
  • Open Singles: Julian Walton Vs Dave Menzel
Each club/team is asked to provide a prize for the Raffle - thanks!

Item 121, 29/01/2013:
Paul May goes to Tenerife .. and wins a table tennis tournament!

Item 98, 28/01/2013:
Finals Night

Read the full report and see more pictures here .
See a short video here

Julian Walton wins Open Singles for third time in a row
Results Awards:
  • Arthur Richards Cup: Paul Martin (Kings) (for services as General Secretary over many years)
  • Owen Booker Cup (best average): Julian Walton (IBM), 98%
  • Colin Sly Cup (Giantkiller): Ryan Johnston (South Wonston) 29% beat a player on 83%

Item 119, 25/01/2013:
Cup matches extension
Reg White has asked me to announce that Cup matches which were to have been completed by 4th January have been extended to
24th January.
Any questions - call Reg on 01794 390561!

Item 108, 23/01/2013:
Girls Night at South Wonston: 23rd October
Jenna Armitage reports: "On 23rd October 2012 South Wonston TT Club hosted a girls/ladies evening at the Club in South Wonston. 14 girls and ladies came along to the session and it was wonderful to see the hall filled with a wide variety of age groups all enjoying our sport.
We would like to thank all the girls who came along, also our coaches David, Paddy and Martyn and helpers (Charlotte, Ben and Ben's Mum).
Also thanks to Aled Howell (South Region Coach) and Lisa Williams (Regional Development Manager) for popping in to lend a hand.
We await feed back from the girls to see how to continue to encourage girls into our sport, but meanwhile girls and boys (and adults) are very welcome to attend South Wonston's Club night on Thursday evenings from 7.30 pm. (Except the last Thursday of the month.)"

Item 116, 20/01/2013:
I'm planning to add some web pages soon featuring League Team and Individual winners from the past 30 years or so. If you have any pictures from past Finals Nights, before about 2005, I'd really like to have them for possible inclusion on the new pages! You might have digital photos, scanned images or old black-and-white or colour photos. I know a lot of pictures were taken over the years at Finals Night, so they must be in people's display cabinets or buried in old boxes. Please email if you think you may have something to offer!

Item 118, 20/01/2013:
Allan Bransgrove is being sponsored by Steve Reed to grow a moustache and have it shown on these web pages for a month. The charity is Movember, which works to combat cancer. Allan has a strong personal interest - his father David (who used to play in our League) sadly died of the disease. If you like Allan's new look -and who wouldn't? - you might like to think about making a donation via the Movember web site .

Item 120, 05/01/2013:
Kings TT Club will reopen after the Christmas break on Monday 7th January 2013

Item 97, 01/12/2012:
Nico Coltabiano has been appointed as the new Hampshire Table Tennis Development Officer. Nico is on the Committee of Waterside TTC, one of the most progressive clubs in Hampshire, so he is well-qualified to move our sport forward.
Nico can be contacted as follows:
Nico Caltabiano
Hampshire Table Tennis Development Officer
Phone: 07952 940697
Address: Sport Hampshire & IOW, Hampshire County Council, Castle Avenue, Winchester, SO23 8UL .- 86 Recent TT videos from YouTube:
  • When two Giantkillers meet ...
  • Time to give up? Not if you're only 88. See Les D'Arcy here . Les won the World Championship in his age-group in 2009.
  • But if you started after you were more than 18 months old you may have been too late - see here

Item 47, 01/12/2012:
Need a laugh? Try this

Item 99, 01/12/2012:

Item 106, 20/11/2012:

International Table Tennis comes to Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth, Tuesday 20th November.

England (Mens) Vs Netherlands

Starts at 7pm, doors open at 6pm.

Adult £7 and Concession £4 (in education, unemployed, leisure card)

Item 101, 07/11/2012:
South Wonston TT Club flies the flag for table tennis at the recent Winchester Sports Festival in Bar End Road. 4000 to 5000 people are estimated to have attended - a very worthwhile turnout!
Featuring Anthony, Tressa and Jenna Armitage.
Pictures kindly supplied by David Binns.

Item 88, 07/11/2012:
3 former Winchester League players feature strongly in ETTA English National Championships!
David McBeath beat Garth Kinlocke in the Semis of the Under 21 Men's Singles, while Hannah Hicks won the Final of the Under 21 Women's Singles! Last time we saw them in our League (2007), they were in the winning Division 1 team for Winnall.
You can watch live streaming from the event via the ETTA web pages. As I write, Hannah, and Tressa Armitage (of the South Wonston club), are making good progress in the Women's Doubles!

Item 86, 07/11/2012:
Recent TT videos from YouTube:
  • When two Giantkillers meet ...
  • Time to give up? Not if you're only 88. See Les D'Arcy here . Les won the World Championship in his age-group in 2009.
  • But if you started after you were more than 18 months old you may have been too late - see here

Item 105, 20/10/2012:
Fixtures: please note that from 17th through 21st August there was an error in the importable Calender information. The year numbers specified 2011-12 instead of 2012-13. The problem has now been fixed. Please re-do the Import if you've been affected by the problem!

Item 93, 20/10/2012:
Conder-Winnall Handicap Final
IBM C beat Hursley A 7-2
IBM C overcame the handicaps handily.
Teams: IBM C - Clive Hacker, Andy Creighton, Keith Dickenson; Hursley A: Ian Fursey, Steve Rouse, Andy Prince

Team Eliminator Final
IBM A retained their title, beating IBM C 5-1.
Teams: IBM A - Don Child, Keith Middleton, Julian Walton; IBM C - Keith Dickenson, Tim Kimber, Carmine Cristallo.

Hursley Shield Final (Scoresheet here)
South Wonston C beat Kings B to win the Hursley Shield (Division 2 knockout)!
Congratulations to Tom Aldous, Ben Payne and Isaac Tallack, who beat James Stewart, Adrian Reeves and Cameron Brealey 5-4 (in the 9th leg!) in a pulsating Final at Kings on Monday.

Item 90, 20/10/2012:
National Junior League (Hampshire area): report from David Binns (thanks!)
"After four hard fought Saturdays the Winchester team of Morgan Smith, Adam Lee, Ben Payne, Tom Aldous and Isaac Tallack finished runners up in the Second Division.
All the Juniors helped in picking us a silver medal after a strong finish, beating strong teams from Fareham and Bournemouth. The regular pair of Morgan Smith and Adam Lee have been the catalyst to the success with several key performances on each of the four days and with the perfect support from Tom, Ben and Isaac the future is looking very bright from Winchester Table Tennis. The photo is of Morgan Smith, Ben Payne and Adam Lee."

Item 73, 20/10/2012:
Team Cups reach Final stage
EventDraw, ResultsFinalists
Team Eliminator here IBM A, IBM C
Conder-Winnall Handicap here Hursley A, IBM C
Hursley Shield
(Div 2 Cup)
here South Wonston C, Kings B

Item 102, 20/08/2012:
Coaching News: from Nico Caltabiano, Hants TT Development Officer:
ETTA has released the list of coaching courses that will be happening from August 2012.

Links for the list of UKCC Level 1 and 2, Bridging Level 2 can be found below.

UKCC Level One:

UKCC Level Two:

UKCC Level Two Bridging:

Terms & Conditions - all courses:

Application Form - all courses

Also, the Sport Hampshire and Isle of Wight (SHIOW) are offering scholarships for coaches who plan to take at UKCC Level 2 or above courses.
Best regards

Item 104, 20/08/2012:
The new season is likely to start in the week commencing 24th September. 23 teams are entered, thanks to extra teams from Castle, Kings and South Wonston. Two Divisions are likely, with 11 teams in Division 1 and 12 in Division 2.

Item 100, 30/07/2012:
"Ping Pong, Never Too Old for Gold" will be showing at Harbour Lights Cinema, Southampton, on Wednesday 18th July and several other days. See here for details.
Last day (Wednesday 26th July): You can still view it now via this link .
If you're old already, or you think one day you might become old, this one's for you!
Here's the trailer .

Item 94, 19/04/2012:

  • Senior Tournament Heats
    Round-by-Round Summary
    Both Singles finalists had some awkward moments on the way to their Final.
    See the full details here, kindly supplied by Adrian Reeves who, with his team, ran the event magnificently.

    In action: Allan Bransgrove, Matt Byers

     Below: Ross Lingard, Cameron Brealey

    Tournament Heats Results
    Full details here

  • Item 96, 19/04/2012:
  • Junior Heats were held at South Wonston on Sunday 1st April 2012.
    See the Under 18 round-robin results here - several very close and see-sawing matches! Only 2 entries for the Under-15s, so no playoffs were required.

    As a result, the under 18 Final will be between Matt Byers and Morgan Smith and the under 15 Final will be between Alex Amies and Ben Cawston.
    Adrian Reeves reports: "Some very entertaining and close matches; Tom Aldous lost three 5 setters, two of them from deuce!"

    L to R: Tom Aldous, Matt Byers, Jenna Armitage, Adam Lee, Adrian Reeves, Morgan Smith, David Binns
    Thanks to Jenna, Adrian and David for organising the event!

  • Item 92, 16/04/2012:
  • #new Are your emails to getting bounced? Try forwarding them to instead.

  • Item 82, 03/04/2012:
  • Hursley Shield Semifinal scorecard, Kings B vs Kings C, is here!

  • Item 78, 02/04/2012:
    Heats: Sunday 1st April 2012
    At: South Wonston Village Hall, Downs Road, South Wonston, SO21 3EW

    UNDER 18s: 12:00
    UNDER 15s: 13:00
    Entry forms can be found at force9/junior2011_2012.pdf

  • Item 91, 23/03/2012:
  • Interested in a paid part-time job developing table tennis in Hampshire ?
    Job Advert
    Job Description

  • Item 87, 05/03/2012:
  • Kings will be closed on Monday 5th March because of a parents' meeting at Princes Mead School. Normal service will resume on 12th March!

  • Item 85, 05/03/2012:
  • The late John Colborne
    I'm very sorry to tell you that John Colborne, of Five Tees, has recently died.
    Here is an appreciation of John by Steve Buckmaster: "It is with the greatest sadness that I write to inform you of the passing of John Colborne on 4th January 2012. It is believed that John suffered a heart attack and despite the best efforts of us and the ambulance team, John did not recover. We do know that John passed without suffering and was among his friends and team mates. We have given our sympathy to John's family on everyone's behalf.
    John was a great friend and team mate in Southampton West Table Tennis Club. John loved table tennis always playing as a true sportsman and always willing to help and support everyone. He will be sorely missed by us all."
    The funeral will be on Thursday 19th January. Details here.

  • Item 79, 05/03/2012:
  • At Thursday's Winchester District Sports Awards ceremony, held at Winchester Guildhall, Mick Bryant was awarded the final trophy of the night by the Deputy Mayor for Service to Sport. Over the years Mick has done a huge amount for table tennis in Winchester and is currently working hard as the President of Kings Table Tennis Club, and this award is very well deserved.
    Martyn Davey of South Wonston was third in the Senior Coach of the Year category and congratulations go to Martyn for this achievement.
    Tressa Armitage of South Wonston club won the Junior Sportswoman of the Year award, a remarkable result. Tressa is currently ranked 4 in England Junior Girls and 10 in England Senior Women.
    Tressa has played for England Juniors several times this year (France, Sweden, Portugal and Russia) and also had her first Senior Selection as well. She won her first National title at the Junior Nationals in November becoming the Junior Mixed Doubles National Champion with her partner Sam Walker.

  • Item 83, 25/02/2012:
  • St Denys Tournament
    Organised by Barry Dobson , this is being held on Sunday 26th February 2012 at Testwood College, Totton.
    Contact Barry on 02380 329019 or 07721 631086 for an entry form.
    The tournament is in its 22nd year and is open to any players playing in Division 2 in Winchester, along with players of a similar standard in Southampton.
    The doors open at 0900 with play commencing at 0930.
    The format is a Level Singles Tournament in groups then knock out. The players that do not qualify for the knock out stages go into a Plate Event.
    This is followed by a Handicap Tournament, again in groups then knock out.
    And finally a Doubles Tournament. Pairings are drawn on the day for the Doubles. This is just knock out.
    The cost is £15 for the day.
    This is a friendly tournament aimed at players of all standards with the exception of those playing in teams at the top of Winchester Division 1 (or equivalent).

  • Item 66, 17/01/2012:
  • Hampshire Youth Games 2011

    Jenna Armitage reports: "Talented youngsters from across the County came together at the Aldershot Garrison Athletics Stadium for the Hampshire Youth Games of 2011 recently. Teams from the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and the New Forest met teams from Winchester, Test Valley and Havant to name but a few, all proudly wearing their team colours for the event.

    The young athletes joined together for a day of friendly multi-sport competition which began with a Welcoming Ceremony and Grand Parade. After the parade the young people began the serious business of the day, competing in their chosen sport. These included table tennis, athletics, canoeing, judo, swimming, cycling, new age kurling and many more sports.

    Boys and girls selected to represent Winchester in the table tennis competition were trained by South Wonston Table Tennis Club. The boys’ competition began with group play and moved on to a knock out competition and a knock out consolation event. The girls played a round robin competition where all played all.

    Winchester’s young table tennis team competed strongly and returned home with a gold medal (Ben Cawston) a silver medal (Adele Payne) and two bronze medals (Calvin Barlow and Nicholas Aldous).

    We are very proud of Team Winchester, Well done!"

  • Item 80, 17/01/2012:
  • Apart from Tressa (mentioned above), several other past Winchester players appear in the ETTA Rankings: David McBeath 11th in Senior Men, Garth Kinlocke 21st in Senior Men, Chrissie Slot 6th in Cadet Girls. Hannah Hicks, 3rd in Senior Women, played twice in the League in 2006-07!

  • Item 84, 10/01/2012:
  • Kings Table Tennis Club
    Kings is now on its Christmas and New Year break and is recommencing on Monday 9th January (7.15 to 10.15 pm).
    As a consequence of an increase in hall rental of £10 per hour the committee has reluctantly raised the charge for an evening session to £3.00, which still represents excellent value.

  • Item 77, 07/01/2012:
  • Waterside 1 Star Tournament January 2012 entry form is here .

  • Item 74, 25/11/2011:
  • World-class table tennis is coming to London soon!
    2011 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals - Olympic Games Test Event, 24 Nov 2011 - 27 Nov 2011, London
    All probable Olympic medallists will be there, eager to experience the setting and conditions.
    For tickets etc see here

  • Item 76, 25/11/2011:
  • Young Players Table Tennis Tournament - Saturday 19th November at Waterside, Southampton. Closing date for entries: Wed 16th November - sorry for the late notice. More information here.

  • Item 29, 17/11/2011:
  • At the recent Commonwealth Games a player was faulted for an illegal serve when leading 5-0 in the deciding game, went on to lose the match, and his team was eliminated instead of progressing to the Final. The umpire decided he wan't throwing the ball up "near vertically". Mutterings about serves are often heard in the Winchester League, too! Make sure no-one's muttering about you - see here for the full Laws of Table Tennis.

  • Item 39, 17/11/2011:
  • Cliff Chevis has lent me a Programme from the great Winchester League Finals Night in the Guildhall, 1951! See it here !

  • Item 22, 17/11/2011:
  • The Laws of Table Tennis have changed recently - see here . The most interesting change is that a 'double hit' is now to be ignored, as long as it's accidental.
    #new Also, "A racket cannot be changed during the course of an individual match unless it becomes accidentally damaged so badly that it is unusable."
    The full Laws of Table Tennis are here .

  • Item 19, 17/11/2011:

  • The Senior Tournament Heats took place on Sunday 27th February.
    See all of the detailed results here , thanks to Adrian Reeves , who ran the event!
    Adrian has also kindly supplied the fine pictures.
    Singles Glenn Phur knocked very good Junior Matt Byers out in the preliminary round, and was then narrowly beaten in the 5th game of the first round proper by Katie Cleary . Julian Walton beat Katie in the Semi, and will meet Andy Prince in the Final.
    Division 2 Ross Lingard , a Juniors Finalist, beat Barry Dobson in the 5th game to reach the Final, where he will meet Allan Bransgrove , who had earlier beaten James Stewart . A betting man might have backed both Barry and James to reach this Final.
    Veterans (Over 40) Barry Dobson may have lost to Ross Lingard in the Division 2 event, but he showed he's still a power in the land by beating Andy Prince , a Veterans finalist last year. Barry will play Keith Charbit-Middleton in the Final.
    Doubles The number 1 and number 3 seeded pairs will meet in the Final: Katie Cleary and Julian Walton on one side of the net, and Steve Buckmaster and Andy Creighton on the other. Keith Charbit-Middleton and Matt Byers were the number 2 seeds but lost to Steve and Andy in the Semis . Katie, Steve and Andy are all new to the Winchester League this season, and we look forward to seeing how they deal with the special pressures of Finals Night!
    Handicap Matt Byers was prevented by holiday arrangements from competing in the Juniors, but you'll be able to admire his skills in the Handicap Final, where he'll be opposed by Steve Buckmaster .

  • Item 50, 17/11/2011:
  • Conder-Winnall Cup Final: Reg White reports "The Final was an enjoyable evening of table tennis, with IBM C defeating Castle C 6 games to 3. Steve Buckmaster was the deciding factor, winning all three."
    IBM A beat Kings C 9-0 in the Team Eliminator Final. This was no disgrace for Kings C - IBM A had won all its previous rounds 9-0 also!
    Castle B will meet IBM C in the Conder-Winnall (handicap) Final.
    Kings B beat Swanmore B 5-3 in the Plate Final. Bob Garlick 's match report is here .

  • Item 64, 17/11/2011:

  • Item 67, 17/11/2011:
  • League fixtures for 2011-12 are available here . Click on a team name and you will see all League fixtures for that team. You can optionally download the list in a format that can be imported into Google Calendar and other popular calendars

  • Item 75, 17/11/2011:
  • Ben Cawston, Adele Payne and Calvin Barlow, playing for Winchester in the Hants/Dorset area of the National Cadets League, defeated Portsmouth B, Bournemouth E and Waterside B to win Division 3.

  • Item 71, 27/09/2011:
  • The webmaster is going away until the middle of next week, and won't be able to update these pages during that time.
    Sorry about that.
    Please keep the scorecards coming in, though.

  • Item 16, 15/09/2011:
  • ETTA Individual Membership (registration) online here

  • Item 31, 15/09/2011:
  • Mick Bryant's address in the Handbook should read 136 Longfield Road, SO23 0NU, and his phone number is (01962) 865713, not as published. You can see the Handbook online here or via the 'League' drop-down menu.

  • Item 51, 15/09/2011:
  • Enjoy this: see Michael Bublé (he's a world famous singer, as everyone knows!) playing TT with Darius Knight and Paul Drinkhall here .

  • Item 52, 15/09/2011:
  • Congratulations to Kings TTC on gaining Sport England's Clubmark accreditation and ETTA's PremierClub status. So now it's official - Kings is a great table tennis club! Why not go along and see for yourself, any Monday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm?

  • Item 55, 15/09/2011:
  • Not currently playing in our League, but still a Winchester resident, Tressa Armitage was recently presented with the prestigious Mike Watts Award. The annual award is presented to the most improved player within all categories of the ETTA ranking system.

  • Item 54, 15/09/2011:
  • Juniors have their day at South Wonston
    Mouse over the picture to see it bigger!

    The Heats of the League's Junior Championships took place on Sunday 20th February at South Wonston, featuring 11 Under-15s and 4 Under-18s. The overall standard was really impressive. Most of the Under-15s hadn't played table tennis at all until 6 months ago, but they were keen, competitive, and had obviously been well coached. This says a lot for the South Wonston and Kings clubs, as well as for Westgate School, all of which now offer coaching and excellent facilities for table tennis. The Under-15 and Under-18 Finals will both be held at the League's Finals Night on Saturday 30th April at Itchen Abbas & Avington Village Hall. Ben Payne and Isaac Tallack made it through (after some close struggles) to the Under-15 Final, while Reuben Grimshaw and Ross Lingard will contest the Under-18 Final. Everyone was a winner in the Under-15s - they all passed the ETTA Junior Umpire test, supervised by ETTA official Martyn Reeves , in between matches!
    See detailed results here .

  • Item 61, 15/09/2011:
  • On Saturday 26th March the team of Reuben Grimshaw , Morgan Smith and Adam Lee represented Winchester Table Tennis League at the South East regional final of the National Junior League. After the first day's play on 29th January the team where placed in second position just behind Portsmouth A.

    Here are the match scores:
    Winchester 6 Andover 0
    Winchester 4 Portsmouth B 2
    Winchester 4 Brighton 2
    Winchester 4 Southampton West B 2
    Winchester 4 Portsmouth A 2
    After winning all their games the team finished runners up to Portsmouth A in Division 2.

    Thanks to David Binns for this report and picture.

  • Item 69, 15/09/2011:
  • League Fixtures: Please note that Owslebury's home night is Monday, not Wednesday. The fixture dates shown on these web pages have been altered accordingly.
    Owslebury Vs South Wonston C will still take place on Wednesday 5th October, however.
    Sorry this change was not picked up earlier.

  • Item 35, 02/05/2011:
  • One small benefit to be had from Hursley A's departure is that almost every week two Division 1 teams will have a 'spare week', giving an added opportunity to rearrange matches without necessarily waiting for Cup weeks or the end of season.

  • Item 36, 02/05/2011:
  • Winnall home matches: Dave Hooker has asked me to say that the Winnall venue, Tubbs Hall in Kings Worthy, is not available until 7:30 pm, so please regard 7:30 pm (sharp!) as the arrival time rather than the time that play can start. The advertised 10:30 pm finish time is flexible.

  • Item 60, 02/05/2011:
  • MBL East Yorkshire Junior Open, over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend (28-30 May 2011) - see more info and Entry Forms here .

  • Item 65, 02/05/2011:
  • See the April ETTA South-East Newsletter here

  • Item 63, 02/05/2011:
  • The League's AGM will be held at the Castle Club, Chilcomb, Nr Winchester on Thursday 19th May at 8:00 pm. Every Club should have at least one representative present.

  • Item 56, 05/04/2011:
  • Kings TT Club will be CLOSED on Monday 4th April AND Monday 11th April, due to floor repairs! Normal service resumes on 18th April.

  • Item 58, 25/03/2011:
  • Young players tournament in Southampton, 26th March 2011 - entry forms here .

  • Item 59, 12/03/2011:
  • MBL East Yorkshire Junior Open

    The weekend of May 28 29 30 2011 sees the return of the MBL East Yorkshire Junior Open tournament once again at the recently refurbished Spa Hall Bridlington. The event is supported by Mark Bates Ltd and the East Riding District Council and will run over three days. This facility allows the presentation of an extended schedule giving the participants maximum playing opportunity. The team event will be played to final positions, with the single events being played in three stages. There will also be a junior doubles event on the Sunday.

    The facilities of this venue will serve to enhance a top class event which will be played on 12 Butterfly Tables. The main events have secured substantial cash prizes, with Butterfly equipment vouchers for the Trophy and Plate competitions.

    East Riding District Council who are supporting and promoting the opportunity to bring back a three day junior tournament to Bridlington will also be offering the facility to book accommodation at a very competitive rate. For further detail e mail:

    The entry form is available here .

  • Item 40, 08/03/2011:
  • Tressa Armitage reached 3 Finals at the recent English National Junior Championships - see here .
    #new Watch a video of the Junior Singles Final here.

  • Item 57, 07/03/2011:
  • The English National Championships are taking place THIS weekend, Friday 4th March through Sunday 6th March, in Sheffield.
    Local interest is provided by Hannah Hicks, David McBeath, Tressa Armitage , Ed Slot and Chrissie Slot , all of whom have played in Winchester League. They're all playing in Under-21 events as well Senior events.
    You can watch them LIVE and FREE, via this link
    The Draw and Timetable is here

  • Item 44, 02/03/2011:
  • Want to become a proper umpire ? Attend a free seminar in Cippenham, near Slough, and you could! Date: Saturday February 26th 2011 at 10:00am. Read more details here

  • Item 5, 24/02/2011:
  • Kings TT Club's regular club nights are Mondays. Open to all, not just League players!

  • Item 23, 24/02/2011:
  • There is some useful recent information about registering for ETTA Individual Membership online here

  • Item 42, 24/02/2011:
  • Other News and Current Info:

  • Item 53, 18/02/2011:
  • Many of you remember Colin Sly , who died last year. As well as his table tennis, Colin was very well known for his operatic performances, so Southampton Operatic Society is putting on a concert celebrating his life "To Live and Die a Pirate King" at the Turner Sims in Southampton on Saturday 19th February at 7:30 pm. Here's a poster . If you enjoy Gilbert & Sullivan, this is for you!

  • Item 48, 17/02/2011:
  • U11s - U14s National Championships (Regional qualification, South-Eastern region, at Crawley Sussex, on 05-02-2011) Entry form here
    U11s - U14s National Championships (Regional qualification, Southern region, at Basingstoke, on 05-02-2011) Entry form here

  • Item 24, 01/02/2011:
  • The ETTA English Open takes place in Sheffield, 26th-30th January 2011. See here for more info. Watch live streaming on your PC via this link

  • Item 49, 15/01/2011:
  • A tournament for young and less experienced players will be held at Waterside Sports College, Totton, on Saturday 15th January 1:00pm to 5:00 pm. Entry form is here

  • Item 30, 04/01/2011:
  • Howard Jacobson has just won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for contemporary fiction! Buy his very funny 1999 novel, 'The Mighty Walzer', featuring local league table tennis, here .
    Search Google for his perceptive newspaper articles about table tennis.

  • Item 46, 04/01/2011:
  • Ed Slot is looking for a Div 1 team to play for during university holidays - contact

  • Item 38, 04/01/2011:
  • Team Competitions: IBM B beat Hursley C in the first round of the Conder-. All Round 1 results are in now. See here

  • Item 45, 06/12/2010:
  • IBM Sports Hall has no heating at present - if you're playing there tonight (Monday 6th Dec), come warmly dressed, and warn your team-mates!

  • Item 43, 02/12/2010:
  • Postponed because of snow: Five Tees Vs IBM B

  • Item 41, 02/12/2010:
  • Monday 22nd November was the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the League. Many happy returns!
    There's a history of the League 1935-1986 here

  • Item 25, 16/11/2010:
  • A Tournament Organiser Course was held on Sunday 26th September in Winchester. You may spot a couple of familiar faces.

  • Item 26, 16/11/2010:
  • GB Olympic TT player Alison Gordon (now Broe) has been giving England Junior Tressa Armitage one-on-one coaching at IBM Hursley. It looks like very hard work as well as fun! League matches going on at the other end of the hall seem a bit easygoing by comparison.

  • Item 28, 16/11/2010:
  • Winchester Juniors in National League David Binns reports from Totton: "The team of Ben Payne, George Buley and Oliver Brown were entering their first tournament after their introduction to table tennis at the Hampshire Youth Games. The National Cadet League (Hampshire area) is two divisions each of four teams. Winchester were entered into the second division. The day started well with the team performing well against a young team from Southampton Waterside, Winchester winning the game by 8-1 with Oliver dropping the only game. Next up was a girls team from Bournemouth. Once again Winchester triumphed 8-1 after many of the games went the full 5 sets. In the final match of the day Winchester had to play Portsmouth who were also undefeated for the chance of the second division title. After several hard fought games Winchester eventually triumphed running out winners 8-1. Superb performances from Ben Payne, George Buley and Oliver Brown secured the promotion to the first division."

  • Item 33, 16/11/2010:
  • Hursley A have withdrawn from the Division 1, owing to not having enough players to cover for injured players. They had not played any matches so far this season. We hope they will return next Autumn! Existing Hursley team names will not change. We're sorry that this reduces Division 1 to 8 teams.

  • Item 32, 16/11/2010:
  • Conder-Winnall Handicap Cup:
    Don Child's report of IBM A vs Kings A:
    "We were 4-4 going into the final game and Keith Charbit-Middleton giving away a 6 start to [League newcomer] John deWind lost 23-25, 23-21,21-23 in a very long and fluctuating match.
    Matt Byers did very well to beat Keith Hewitt 23-21 in the third set.
    All matches apart from 1 went to 3 sets."

  • Item 34, 16/11/2010:
  • Conder-Winnall Handicap Cup:
    Don Child's report of IBM A vs Kings A:
    "We were 4-4 going into the final game and Keith Charbit-Middleton giving away a 6 start to [League newcomer] John deWind lost 23-25, 23-21,21-23 in a very long and fluctuating match.
    Matt Byers did very well to beat Keith Hewitt 23-21 in the third set.
    All matches apart from 1 went to 3 sets."

  • Item 37, 16/11/2010:
  • More underdogs have been spotted - see here . It's beginning to look like a pack! If the 'better' player loses a few, and/or the 'underdog' wins some, so that difference in averages falls below 35 percentage points, then this result will disappear. The leader of the pack at the end of the season wins the Colin Sly Giantkiller Cup!

  • Item 17, 31/10/2010:
  • League players wanted! Hursley TT Club STILL needs players of about Division 1 standard (in this year's 2-Division format)! Please contact Ray Swan on 02380  267753 or 07767 343104 if you're interested. Hursley have moved to St Faith's Hall in St Cross, Winchester, for the 2010-11 season. Handy for the M3, it's a comfortably-heated hall with easy parking!

  • Item 21, 31/10/2010:
  • The late Mick Prince: I'm very sorry to tell you of the recent death of Mick Prince. Mick played in the League over many years and in all Divisions, helping to start the current Winnall club, as well as introducing sons Andy and Chris to the game. Many of you will remember him as a regular spectator at Finals Night, supporting Andy and Chris whenever they played. Our deep sympathy goes to his family.

    John Williams, Mick Prince, Martin Woolf at the club in Garbett Road in the late 60s.

  • Item 2, 21/10/2010:
  • Interested in the League's history 1935-1986? It's fascinating! See here

  • Item 27, 11/10/2010:
  • Some people found the way fixtures were presented was confusing.
    See the new format here
    You can save your team's fixtures in a format suitable for inporting into Google Calendar.
    Any comments or problems: email me at

  • Item 11, 07/10/2010:
  • Have you read 'Bounce' , by former Commonwealth Table Tennis champion, Matt Syed? How top performers are made, not born. Buy Amazon's current best-selling book in its 'Recreation', 'Education' and 'Psychology' categories here - only £6.50!

  • Item 3, 07/10/2010:
  • To report scores please use the Webcard which you will find here

  • Item 4, 07/10/2010:
  • Looking for a club to join? Your best chances may be with Kings and South Wonston. For contact info, see here

  • Item 7, 07/10/2010:
  • Tournament Finals and Award Presentations

    Read all about it here - all pictures are available now!

  • Item 9, 07/10/2010:
  • The League's AGM was held on Thursday 13th May at Castle Sports Club. An important point that came out is that individual registration with the ETTA comes into force for the 2010-11 season. Unregistered players will not be covered by the ETTA's insurance. Once you're registered with one League you don't need to register for other Leagues. The League's team and player registration forms (due out in July) will include ETTA individual registration, or you can download a printable form here . Online registration is available, too - click here . There will be no change to costs for Winchester League players - if you register via another League, your costs will actually be about £5 lower for adults (less for juniors).

  • Item 10, 07/10/2010:
  • Tressa Armitage had great weekends at the recent Junior (under 18) and Cadets (under 15) Masters events , the 'sternest test there is in the English domestic calendar' according to this article . Tressa followed up her fifth place in the Junior (U18) Masters with second place in the Cadets Masters. She has beeen selected to represent England at Euro 6 Nations in France, and at the Polish Open (juniors and cadets) in Gdansk. She has also been selected to represent England Schools at U16 at the Schools International in Limerick at the end of June. You can read more about Tressa's progress here

    Chrissie Slot also played in the Masters Cadets event, but unfortunately had to withdraw due to injury.

  • Item 13, 07/10/2010:

  • Hampshire Youth Games: Winchester youngsters shine!
    See here for a report.

  • Item 15, 07/10/2010:
  • Spotlight on Martyn Reeves on the ETTA web pages - see here !

  • Item 20, 07/10/2010:
  • League news: The new season's Fixtures are here
    19 teams have entered the League for the forthcoming season. Relative to last season, IBM has a new team, Hursley C has moved to Kings, while Hursley A, Hursley E, Bishops  Waltham and Five  Tees B have disbanded. Sorry to say goodbye - we hope you'll be back! The League will revert to its previous format, with 2 Divisions (9 and 10 teams respectively), running from 27th September to the end of March. It was impractical to fit 19 teams into smaller divisions without more gaps and blank weeks. The range of playing standards currently is probably narrower now than it has been, so we hope 2 Divisions will still produce many close matches.

  • Item 8, 28/09/2010:

  • Dennis Thomson has recently retired as President of South Wonston TT Club. Dennis was involved with club from its beginning and worked tirelessly for many years doing much of the hard work, and apparently enjoying it all as well! He is seen here receiving an award from David Binns on behalf of the club, recognising his great contribution to the Club and to the community of South Wonston as a whole.
    Picture by Reuben Grimshaw

  • Item 12, 28/09/2010:
  • Young TT players demonstrate skills in Andover, 4th June: You may have missed this event, so here's a brief report! Four highly-skilled and friendly young players showed us what they could do, far from the formality of tournaments and the serious hard work of training sessions, having fun and playing spectacular rallies with great agility, power and good humour. It was brilliant entertainment. As for the 2 singles and the mixed doubles match, all went to 5 games, so all 4 players had plenty of opportunity to show their abilities.
    For a fuller account of a recent very similar event in Dorset, see here

  • Item 14, 15/09/2010:
  • Kings TT Club will restart on Monday 6th September after the summer break.