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Table Tennis England loses Sport England Funding

From the
Table Tennis England website:

"At the Table Tennis England AGM on July 8, the Board put forward a proposal so that table tennis would meet the standards of governance required by the Government and Sport England before they would allocate public funding to sports. That proposal needed 75 per cent of support from leagues and counties to be accepted. It received 74.93 per cent and therefore failed."

Winchester League voted in favour.

Division 1

Five Tees A 16171.fiveteesavskingsa.2.html Kings A
David Wills won 6 out of 6 this week, scalping 3 of Kings A's best on the Monday and then avenging recent defeats by South Wonston A's Jared Schaller and Morgan Smith on the Wednesday. Kings A and South Wonston A remain firmly anchored in 2nd and 3rd places in Division 1, and that's where they'll stay as the season finally grinds towards the buffers.

Division 2

Hursley 16171.hursleyvswinnall.2.html Winnall
Cliff Chevis was the unquestioned hero of the night, even though he won only 1 match. What the scorecard can't tell you is that this match marked Cliff's 60th year of playing in the Winchester League! He started playing in 1957, when you travelled to away matches on your bike, and you probably played in a factory or in a pub. Can anyone here remember what a factory was? Cliff has always been famous for his jokes and even his singing, and you can't say that of most modern-day table tennis players.

Swanmore A 16171.swanmoreavsswanmoreb.2.html Swanmore B
Dave Sansome already stood tall as officially the most improved player in the League this season (comparing scores against people he also played last season). This time he went one better by almost certainly claiming the coveted Giantkillers award - this is made to the person who wins against someone with the most exceptional advantage in terms of 'wins' average. Having won only 12% of his matches, Dave startled all present by beating someone on 72%. All this from a man who may well, like Cliff Chevis , have started his playing career long ago by travelling to away matches on his bike or in a car that would only start by rolling it down a hill.
Kevin Muldowney won all 3.

Division 3

IBM C 16171.ibmcvssouthwonstond.2.html South Wonston D
This may have been David Binns ' farewell to Winchester League as he hopes to move to another part of the country soon. David has been a great servant of the South Wonston club, and over the years he's probably been as influential as anyone in making the club successful and forward-looking, especially for younger players. 3 wins each for Dom Goddard and Tim Kimber , who succeeds David as club chair.

Kings C 16171.kingscvsowslebury.2.html Owslebury
Allan Bransgrove and John Pryor rode roughshod over the opposition, won all 3, and booked their team's place in a playoff for promotion to Division 2 against Hursley.

South Wonston C 16171.southwonstoncvskingsd.2.html Kings D
South Wonston C have not had a happy season in terms of wins, but Craig Johnston and Martyn Davey both excelled with 3 wins each. Georgia Barker , 13, also deserves a mention for showing consistently throughout the season that girls can make progress just as the boys do. She's probably the best girl player of her age in the League since International player Tressa Armitage .

The late Steve Reed

I'm very sorry to tell you that Steve Reed has died, of cancer. Steve was a well-liked player with Castle Table Tennis Club until 3 years ago. Our sympathies go to his family.
Steve's funeral was on the 7th April.
Zak Abel (musical artist and former England Cadet Boysí Singles national champion) plays table tennis in this impressive music video. Definitely no CGI enhancements!
Whoever you are - YOU can play table tennis in and near Winchester!
If you havenít already joined or renewed as a Player Member of Table Tennis England you MUST do so before playing your first league match. Itís very easy on It is a requirement of ALL playing members, gives you Public Liability Insurance and will save you being hounded by the committee. Any queries , please contact the League Secretary
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Kings TT Club is closed for maintenance until 31st July 2017

Finals Night report: see here .
Now includes slideshows of each Final, and the Presentations, taken by pro photographer Tim Humphrey.
  • Finals Night Winners

    Blake Sanderson, winner of U13 Singles
    Jared Schaller, winner of U18 Singles
    Blake Sanderson, winner of Handicap Singles
    Ed Robertson, winner of U15 Singles
    Jared Schaller, winner of U18 Singles
    Cameron Brealey & Ed Slot, winners of Doubles, 2017
    Chris Westbrook, winner of Div 3 Singles, 2017
    Kevin Muldowney, winner of Div 2 Singles, 2017
    Paul May, winner of Veterans Singles, 2017
    Ed Slot, winner of Open Singles, 2017
    Cliff Chevis, winner of Arthur Richards Cup, 2017
  • Watch a Youtube video of Ed Slot playing John McBeath in the Singles Final
  • Team Eliminator Final IBM A beat IBM B 5-2
  • Division 1 - 2 Playoff IBM B (Geoff Ball, Ed Slot, Nick Webb) beat Swanmore A (Kevin Muldowney, Geeoff Pavey, Antony Moore) 5-0
  • Division 2 - 3 Playoff Kings C (Allan Bransgrove, John Pryor, Jill Wilson) beat Hursley (Barry Dobson, Andy Knight, Ray Swan) 6-3

The League's AGM will be on Thursday 18th May

The League's Annual General Meeting will be held at 7:30 pm on Thursday 18th May, at the usual location, the Castle Club, Chilcomb Sports Club, near Winchester.

Every club should be represented by at least one person, or face a fine.

Chilcomb Sports Club is on the right just after you enter the A31 (Petersfield Road) from the Spitfire Roundabout. Do NOT rely on any post-code you may hear of for this venue - it will take you to Chilcomb village, a mile away.

Tel: 01962 866989


IBM A have beaten IBM B 5-2 in the Team Eliminating Cup Final
Medstead have beaten Kings C 6-3 in the Hursley Shield (Div 2/3) Final

Five Tees A have beaten Hursley 5-4 in the Conder-Winnall Handicap Final

Team Cups

The Draws for the SemiFinals of the Team Eliminator and Conder-Winnall, and the QuarterFinals of the Hursley Shield, are now available - see the links below.

You can follow the progress of the Team Cups here:

  • Team Eliminating Cup
    • Five Tees A unable to fulfil fixture with IBM A.
    • IBM B beat Kings B 8-1
    • Final: IBM A beat IBM B 5-2. Ed Slot beat Julian Walton 11/5 11/8 9/11 15/13!
  • Conder-Winnall Handicap Cup Semis and Final
    • Hursley beat Five Tees B 5-0
    • Five Tees A beat Five Tees C 6-3
    • Final: Five Tees A beat Hursley 5-4. David Wills (playing off scratch), Leyon Joseph (+2), Bert Newbery (+3) beat Martin Ceresa (+9), Barry Dobson (+9) and Andy Knight (+13).
  • Hursley Shield (Div 2 - Div 3 Cup)
    • Five Tees C 3 Medstead 6
    • Kings C 6 v Swanmore B 3
    • Medstead beat Kings C 6-3 in the Final

National Cadet League

Thanks to Martyn Davey for this Report
Report of the Fourth Round of the NCL, held at Waterside Table Tennis Club on Sunday 26th March.
The team of Ed Robertson, Blake Sanderson and Ethan Cheung played very well, but were up against the experienced side of Weymouth A in the first match, which resulted in them being defeated 5-1. The next round was against Southampton A, where they won 4-2. The third round was against Weymouth B, who they defeated 5-1, and they defeated Reading 6-0 in the fourth round. The fifth round was against Bournemouth A, where they put in a terrific effort with many games going to the fifth set, but eventually lost 6-0.
The team finished fourth in Division 1. They all played very well and will be more experienced for the next season.
The other coaches commented on their performance and their attitude towards the game, and other team members also commended them on their achievement and thanked the coaches at South Wonston Table Tennis Club.

3 Winners' Trophies for South Wonston in Hants County Closed Tournament

Read a full Report here

You can see other recent reports about young Winchester (and South Wonston!) players on the Juniors pages.

Weekly Schedules (unless rearranged)
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Week 21, starting 3 Apr. (6 of 8 played)
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Mon,Apr 3: Five Tees A 16171.fiveteesavskingsa.2.html Kings A Mon,Apr 3: Hursley 16171.hursleyvswinnall.2.html Winnall Mon,Apr 3: IBM C 16171.ibmcvssouthwonstond.2.html South Wonston D
Mon,Apr 3: IBM B vs Five Tees B Spare: Kings B Mon,Apr 3: Kings C 16171.kingscvsowslebury.2.html Owslebury
Mon,Apr 3: South Wonston B vs IBM A Spare: Swanmore B Spare: Five Tees C
Spare: South Wonston A Thu,Apr 6: Medstead 16171.medsteadvsswanmorea.2.html Swanmore A Wed,Apr 5: South Wonston C 16171.southwonstoncvskingsd.2.html Kings D

League Tables And Results, 2016-17
Mouse over the scores to see the scorecard in the League grids below!
If 'points' are equal, 'wins' are considered next, then head-to-head results between the 'equal' teams.
Division 1
Pos PlayedWon DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints IBM A Kings A South Wonston A Five Tees A Five Tees B IBM B South Wonston B
1 IBM A 17 14 2 1 7.76 132 IBM A   5-5    7-3 5-5 8-2    10-0 10-0 6-4    10-0 10-0
2 Kings A 17 10 2 5 6.47 110 Kings A 2-8   6-4    4-6 9-1 10-0   10-0    10-0
3 South Wonston A 18 10 2 6 5.28 95 South Wonston A 3-7    1-9 7-3   6-4    7-3 10-0 3-7    8-2 8-2
4 Five Tees A 18 7 4 7 4.89 88 Five Tees A 1-9 5-5    6-4 5-5   9-1    3-7 5-5    7-3 10-0    8-2
5 Five Tees B 17 7 1 9 4.18 71 Five Tees B 7-3    0-10 1-9    2-8 10-0    4-6 2-8   5-5 8-2
6 IBM B 14 3 2 9 4.00 56 IBM B 4-6 4-6    4-6 8-2 4-6
7 South Wonston B 15 0 1 14 1.87 28 South Wonston B 1-9 0-10 3-7    3-7 5-5 2-8    4-6 4-6  

Division 2
Pos PlayedWon DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Kings B Swanmore A Winnall Medstead Hursley Swanmore B
1 Kings B 15 11 2 2 6.07 91 Kings B   8-2    8-2 5-5 7-3 6-4    6-4 8-2
2 Swanmore A 15 10 1 4 6.07 91 Swanmore A 8-2   7-3    4-6 6-4 8-2    10-0 8-2    5-5
3 Winnall 15 8 4 3 5.87 88 Winnall 4-6    6-4 8-2   3-7    5-5 7-3 8-2
4 Medstead 15 5 3 7 5.07 76 Medstead 5-5    3-7 4-6    4-6 2-8   7-3 8-2
5 Hursley 15 2 2 11 3.67 55 Hursley 4-6 1-9 3-7    5-5 3-7    5-5   4-6    6-4
6 Swanmore B 15 2 2 11 3.27 49 Swanmore B 4-6    3-7 2-8 5-5    2-8 2-8    6-4 2-8  

Division 3
Pos PlayedWon DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints South Wonston D Kings C Five Tees C Kings D Owslebury IBM C South Wonston C
1 South Wonston D 18 17 0 1 7.44 134 South Wonston D   7-3 6-4 8-2    7-3 6-4    8-2 7-3 10-0
2 Kings C 18 12 1 5 6.28 113 Kings C 4-6    4-6   4-6 6-4 6-4    8-2 9-1 9-1    6-4
3 Five Tees C 18 11 1 6 5.50 99 Five Tees C 3-7    7-3 3-7    2-8   4-6 6-4    3-7 6-4 7-3
4 Kings D 18 4 4 10 4.28 77 Kings D 1-9 5-5    6-4 4-6    4-6   5-5    3-7 8-2 4-6
5 Owslebury 18 3 2 13 4.11 74 Owslebury 1-9 2-8 3-7 5-5   4-6    3-7 4-6    4-6
6 IBM C 18 6 2 10 3.94 71 IBM C 0-10    1-9 2-8    4-6 2-8    3-7 7-3    5-5 6-4   6-4
7 South Wonston C 18 4 2 12 3.44 62 South Wonston C 1-9    3-7 2-8 1-9    5-5 3-7    8-2 1-9 3-7    5-5  

Actual promotions/demotions will depend on whatever League structure is decided for next season.

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