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Postponed League matches:
FixtureNew date
Kings B v Five Tees A11 Feb
Winnall vs South Wonston A tba
Please let League Secretary Jill Wilson know if you need to postpone a match, and when you plan to play it.
Whatever became of Chris Prince ? A Winchester Singles Finalist in 2010, he then emigrated to Adelaide. In October 2018 he represented South Australia in the National Vets TT Tournament.
New Season is here!
New bat or rubbers required???
Contact Mick Bryant
      01962 865713
Liam Pitchford Vs World Number 3 Dmitri Ovtcharov in Czech Open - see highlights here
Liam recently moved to 16th place in the ITTF World rankings, the highest by an England player since 1980.
League Report, Week 15/21

Division 1

Kings A 18191.kingsavsmedsteada.2.html Medstead A
A fleeting appearance by Ed Slot and John McBeath helped Kings A to a fine win over League leaders IBM A last week, but neither was available for the clash with Medstead A, who also still have a claim to be title contenders. Three wins for Andrew Bawden of Medstead A.

Five Tees A 18191.fiveteesavsfiveteesb.2.html Five Tees B
'B' teams don't often beat 'A' teams, but in this case only David Wills (with 3 singles wins) prevented a whitewash for Five Tees B. Anne Longland , husband Gary Longland and the much-improved Hugo Gregan won everything else that was on offer.

Division 2

Five Tees C 18191.fiveteescvsibmb.2.html IBM B
The Division 2 leaders had a reasonably comfortable match here, with 3 wins each for Keith Charbit-Middleton and Sorin Lakatos . Both have averages above 90%, which is exceptional. Other teams are advised to take cover!

Swanmore A 18191.swanmoreavssouthwonstonb.2.html South Wonston B
This was a closer match than it appears, but in the end it's the overall score that counts. Harsh as it may seem, the League doesn't award bonus points for near misses. Antony Moore confirmed his recent good form with 3 wins.

Winnall 18191.winnallvssouthwonstona.2.html South Wonston A
The Lee family represented South Wonston A, with Adam taking 3 wins in a match that was as close as the scoreline suggests.

Division 3

Hursley 18191.hursleyvsswanmoreb.2.html Swanmore B
Until this week there was a simple rule: if Barry Dobson and Martin Ceresa both turn out for Hursley, the team wins because Barry and Martin both had 100% winning records, and that meant Hursley could virtually rely on getting at least 6 points, which would be a winning League match score. And then this week, both get beaten! Amazing. 3 wins for Ian Burgess of Swanmore B.

IBM C 18191.ibmcvskingsd.2.html Kings D
This was a dour battle at the table tennis table, even if the mood was light-hearted while Gillian Hebard 's very tasty rock cakes were being consumed in the interval. One player was suffering from stomach cramps, another played with someone else's bat by mistake and a third was just getting over the flu. Things might have got worse though, as time was running out and there was a sickening feeling the caretaker might burst into the hall at any moment and turn the lights off forcibly in mid-match. Three wins for IBM C's Tom Wood .

Kings E 18191.kingsevsowslebury.2.html Owslebury
Kings welcomes less-experienced players to its club at Princes Mead School, and encourages them to enrol with their League teams. Wins may be hard to come by initially against teams like Owslebury, with their long years of League experience, but Kings E have been improving steadily and they seem to enjoy the competitive atmosphere and banter. Three wins each for Martin Woolf , Peter Budd and Ian McLeonards of Owslebury.
Zak Abel (musical artist and former England Cadet Boys’ Singles national champion) plays table tennis in this impressive music video. Definitely no CGI enhancements!
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Great video of the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) really enjoying a game of table tennis. Thanks to Dom Evans for letting me know about it! Send your favourite topical video clips to
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Important Notices
Key Dates:
  • Week beginning 1 April: Last week of scheduled fixtures
  • Week beginning 8 April: Spare week for postponed matches
  • Week beginning 15 April: Includes Good Friday
  • Week beginning 22 April: Deadline for completion of matches
  • Mon 29th April: Playoff matches (as notified to club secretaries at the start of the season). Playoff matches are played by Runners-Up teams in Div 2 and Div 3 against the second-to-last team in the Division above.
Winchester Closed Tournament, 2019
The League's main social event with exciting Finals action and Presentations, in the beautiful setting of one of Hampshire's favourite village halls. Not to be missed!
Ping Pong Parlour comes to Winchester Brooks Centre
Action in the Brooks Centre Ping Pong Parlour
Great 'Ping' picture from Table Tennis England's website
An exciting project has come to The Brooks shopping centre in Winchester. There's a Ping Pong Parlour in one of the lower-floor shopping units, providing the public with the opportunity to experience table tennis for free in an otherwise empty shopping unit. The Parlour in The Brooks was open until recently, but may close if there are no unused shopping units. For more details visit Table Tennis England's website and contact Jade Griffiths.

IBM Sports Hall
Please note: Matches must be finished by 10 pm!

Coaching opportunity with England stars in Southampton

Thanks to Tony Gregan for the information.

Finals Night 2018
  • You can see the Finals Night results and report here. Now includes MORE action pictures of the Finalists (added Mon 21st May)
  • You can see the first two sets of the Singles Final (Ed Slot vs Paul May) here on YouTube .
Who's on the Committee?
  • You can see who's on the Committee, contact information and current Rules & Regulations, here .

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League Tables And Results, 2018-19
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If 'points' are equal, 'wins' are considered next, then head-to-head results between the 'equal' teams.
Division 1
Pos Played/15Won DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints IBM A Medstead A Five Tees A Kings A Five Tees B Kings B
1 IBM A 10 9 0 1 7.20 72 IBM A   7-3 9-1 7-3 6-4 8-2
2 Medstead A 9 6 1 2 6.33 57 Medstead A 2-8   6-4 5-5   10-0
3 Five Tees A 10 6 0 4 5.40 54 Five Tees A 2-8     9-1 7-3    3-7 7-3
4 Kings A 11 3 2 6 4.64 51 Kings A 7-3 4-6    3-7 3-7   5-5 7-3
5 Five Tees B 10 4 1 5 4.70 47 Five Tees B 4-6 2-8 4-6 6-4   6-4
6 Kings B 10 0 0 10 1.90 19 Kings B 0-10 0-10 2-8 1-9 4-6  

Division 2
Pos Played/21Won DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Five Tees C Swanmore A South Wonston A IBM B Winnall South Wonston B Kings C Medstead B
1 Five Tees C 15 13 0 2 7.20 108 Five Tees C   6-4 8-2 4-6    8-2 6-4 7-3 8-2 10-0
2 Swanmore A 14 8 2 4 6.00 84 Swanmore A 1-9   4-6   8-2 7-3    8-2 8-2 10-0
3 South Wonston A 14 8 3 3 5.71 80 South Wonston A 1-9 3-7   8-2 5-5 5-5 7-3 8-2
4 IBM B 13 5 4 4 4.92 64 IBM B 3-7 6-4 2-8   6-4 10-0   5-5
5 Winnall 12 3 4 5 4.67 56 Winnall 3-7 5-5    5-5 5-5     7-3 2-8
6 South Wonston B 13 2 2 9 4.15 54 South Wonston B 3-7 3-7 4-6 5-5     8-2 10-0
7 Kings C 13 3 1 9 3.62 47 Kings C 2-8 4-6 3-7 5-5 3-7 6-4   6-4
8 Medstead B 14 3 2 9 3.36 47 Medstead B 6-4 5-5 1-9 3-7 3-7 6-4 4-6  

Division 3
Pos Played/18Won DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Hursley Five Tees D Owslebury IBM C Swanmore B Kings D Kings E
1 Hursley 13 9 1 3 6.23 81 Hursley   6-4 5-5 8-2 6-4    4-6 4-6 10-0
2 Five Tees D 12 8 0 4 6.25 75 Five Tees D 4-6   9-1 3-7 6-4 8-2 10-0
3 Owslebury 13 7 4 2 5.54 72 Owslebury 2-8 6-4   6-4 5-5 6-4 5-5
4 IBM C 12 5 3 4 5.67 68 IBM C 4-6 2-8 5-5     5-5    5-5 10-0
5 Swanmore B 12 4 1 7 4.67 56 Swanmore B 6-4 4-6 2-8 3-7   8-2 4-6
6 Kings D 13 4 2 7 4.23 55 Kings D 2-8 4-6 4-6 1-9 6-4   7-3
7 Kings E 13 1 1 11 2.54 33 Kings E 4-6 3-7 3-7    0-10 2-8 4-6 3-7  

Actual promotions/demotions will depend on whatever League structure is decided for next season.

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