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Garth Kinlocke won 7 Winchester titles between 2005 and 2007, playing for Winnall as a teenager. He's still playing in Bristol, where his family moved after Winchester. See how he's doing today.
Watch this Very enjoyable short documentary about table tennis in Bryant Park, in New York City. Thanks to Tony Gregan for telling me about it.
Tony has been kicking life into the League's Facebook pages, too, if you haven't noticed already!
New Season is here!
New bat or rubbers required???
Contact Mick Bryant
      01962 865713
Liam Pitchford Vs World Number 3 Dmitri Ovtcharov in Czech Open - see highlights here
Liam recently moved to 16th place in the ITTF World rankings, the highest by an England player since 1980.
Luca Herbaut with 'Improved Player of the Year' cup
Awarded by Kings TT Club on 30th September, picture by Tim Humphrey.
Week 15/21

Division 1

Five Tees B 3-7 Kings A
3 wins for Kings A's Cameron Brealey, just as in the corresponding match in September.

IBM A 6-4 Medstead A
With both teams very much in the running for the Division 1 title, every point was going to count. Tressa Armitage hadn't played in the League for a while, but her skills were still very evident with 3 wins including one against Ben Tombs, who loses only to the very best.

Division 2

Hursley 7-3 IBM B
This match saw Hursley draw level with IBM B, just outside the Playoff level. Martin Ceresa and Barry Dobson have histories of performing well against IBM teams, and history repeated itself here with 3 wins for each.

Swanmore A 7-3 South Wonston B
Only Tim Kimber of South Wonston B could withstand Swanmore A's determined assault, and he alone accounted for their 3 points. Swanmore A seem to be destined to win Division 2, even though almost half their matches have ended as 5-5 draws.

Division 3

Kings E 2-8 Five Tees D
Five Tees D are the winningest team in the whole League, and Tony Gregan and Steve Swan maintained the momentum with 3 wins each. Kings E resisted bravely, but heartbreakingly lost two 5-setters along the way.

Kings D 6-4 Swanmore B
Andy Quick won 3 for Kings E; among his conquests was Kevin Sage, the right-hander turned left-hander who is now statistically the most improved player in the League. It took him a season to get there - many would have given up, but that's not Kevin's way!

Medstead B 9-1 Owslebury
Medstead B reinforced their claim to a Playoff place (at least) with this thumping win. Owslebury are not exactly running on empty, but they have no available reserves, so their player pool is permanently in the red zone. 3 wins each for Glenn Phur and Richard Anderson.
Zak Abel (musical artist and former England Cadet Boys’ Singles national champion) plays table tennis in this impressive music video. Definitely no CGI enhancements!
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Great video of the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) really enjoying a game of table tennis. Thanks to Dom Evans for letting me know about it! Send your favourite topical video clips to
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League Tournament Heats and Finals Night 2020

  • Tournament Heats at IBM Hursley, Sunday 5th April 2020
    Entry Forms (must be received by 29th March)
    • click here .pdf format (good for printing)
    • click here .docx format (good for download and editing via MS Word, OpenOffice etc)
  • Finals Night at Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall, Saturday 25th April 2020

Vacancy: Chairman of Table Tennis England Southern Region

There is a vacancy from 1 March for the role of Chairman of TTE Southern Region.
For more details, and to apply, please contact Charlie Childs on 01329 282648, or e-mail, as soon as possible.

The draws for the Hursley Shield (Div 2/3 Tournament), the Team Eliminating Cup and the Conder-Winnall Handicap Cup have been made

  • Team Eliminating Cup Semifinals
    • IBM A v Five Tees A
    • Medstead A v Five Tees B
  • Conder Winnall Handicap Cup Semifinals
    • Kings D v Swanmore A or Medstead B
    • Five Tees D v Kings B
  • Hursley Shield Round 2
    • Kings C v Swanmore B
    • Hursley or Winnall v Kings D
    • Kings E v Swanmore A
    • Medstead B v IBM B or Five Tees D
  • Fixtures to be played by Friday 21st Feb.
  • Scoresheets for printing can be seen on the Team Eliminating , Hursley Shield and Conder-Winnall Handicap pages.

Postponed matches

Please let League Sec Jill Wilson know of postponements!
Old date New Date
9 OctFive Tees A v Five Tees BTBD
22 OctFive Tees C v Medstead A 25 Feb
28 NovMedstead A v IBM A TBD
12 Dec Winnall v Kings C 19 Mar
6 Jan IBM A v Kings A TBD
8 Jan Five Tees A v Medstead A TBD
27 JanFiveTees D v Kings DTBD
29 Jan Kings B v five Tees BTBD
10 FebKings C v South Wonston A 6 Apr
NEW Jan and April 2020 Coaching opportunity with England stars in Southampton,

Thanks to Allan Bransgrove for the information.

IBM Sports Hall closing time

Please note that the closing time for the IBM Hursley Sports Hall is 10:00 pm. This has been the case for the past year, but it's now being enforced more firmly.

This will necessitate using two tables, and starting the final Leg by 9:30 pm. Please make every effort to have at least 2 players ready to play at 7:30 pm, as required by the Winchester League Regulations.

While many of us might prefer a more leisurely pace using a single table, finishing earlier may help to make playing in the League more attractive to Juniors and their parents!

The Table Tennis Serve
Is your serve legal?
The question of what constitutes a legal serve was discussed at the League AGM in May.
Illegal serves give the server an unfair advantage. Umpires are sometimes reluctant to call illegal serves - perhaps because they don't want to create antagonism, or because they aren't quite sure about the laws of table tennis. The reluctance to give offence is understandable, but not calling illegal serves often causes ill-feeling too, even if nothing is said openly during the match.

Adrian Reeves, who's a Table Tennis England Local Level 1 qualified umpire (meaning he can umpire up to County level), has provided these notes. Adrian's aim is to help League match umpires and players improve the legality of serving, so it ceases to be an issue! Hopefully people will talk about this, and point players especially in their own team or club to Adrian's notes if they feel it's necessary.

You can read Adrian's notes here.

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  • Want to know what's going on in Hampshire Table Tennis Association, for example Tournaments?
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  • Want to know about Southampton West Table Tennis Club?
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Who's on the Committee?
  • You can see who's on the Committee, contact information and current Rules & Regulations, here .

Scoresheets for Team Cups
Click the link if you need a printable scoresheet for the Team Elim Cup, the Conder-Winnall Handicap Cup or Hursley Shield (Div 2/3) competitions

Weekly Schedules (unless rearranged)
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Week 15, starting 10 Feb. (7 of 9 played)
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Mon,Feb 10: Five Tees B 3-7 Kings A Mon,Feb 10: Hursley 7-3 IBM B Spare: IBM C
Mon,Feb 10: IBM A 6-4 Medstead A Mon,Feb 10: Kings C vs South Wonston A Mon,Feb 10: Kings E 2-8 Five Tees D
Spare: Kings B Tue,Feb 11: Swanmore A 7-3 South Wonston B Wed,Feb 12: Kings D 6-4 Swanmore B
Wed,Feb 12: Five Tees A vs Five Tees C Spare: Winnall Thu,Feb 13: Medstead B 9-1 Owslebury

League Tables And Results, 2019-20
Mouse over the scores to see the scorecard in the League grids below!
If 'points' are equal, 'wins' are considered next, then head-to-head results between the 'equal' teams.
Division 1
Pos Played/18Won DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Kings B IBM A Medstead A Five Tees A Kings A Five Tees B Five Tees C
1 Kings B 11 7 3 1 6.36 70 Kings B   7-3 6-4 5-5 7-3   7-3
2 IBM A 11 7 3 1 6.18 68 IBM A 7-3   6-4    6-4 5-5   7-3 9-1
3 Medstead A 10 6 1 3 6.10 61 Medstead A 5-5     6-4 6-4 10-0 9-1
4 Five Tees A 10 5 3 2 5.70 57 Five Tees A 2-8 5-5     6-4   7-3
5 Kings A 12 4 1 7 4.67 56 Kings A 3-7 3-7 3-7 4-6   7-3 5-5
6 Five Tees B 11 1 2 8 3.73 41 Five Tees B 5-5 2-8 4-6 2-8 4-6    3-7   5-5
7 Five Tees C 11 0 3 8 2.45 27 Five Tees C 0-10 5-5   1-9 3-7 0-10  

Division 2
Pos Played/18Won DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Swanmore A South Wonston A IBM B Hursley Winnall South Wonston B Kings C
1 Swanmore A 13 7 6 0 6.23 81 Swanmore A   5-5 5-5 5-5 5-5 5-5    7-3 6-4
2 South Wonston A 12 6 3 3 5.75 69 South Wonston A 3-7   3-7 8-2 7-3 5-5 9-1
3 IBM B 13 7 1 5 4.92 64 IBM B 3-7 6-4   3-7 3-7 6-4 3-7
4 Hursley 13 5 3 5 4.92 64 Hursley 3-7 5-5 3-7    7-3   4-6 6-4 6-4
5 Winnall 11 5 3 3 5.64 62 Winnall 5-5 4-6 4-6 5-5   8-2  
6 South Wonston B 13 1 3 9 4.00 52 South Wonston B 3-7 4-6 4-6 6-4 4-6   5-5
7 Kings C 11 2 1 8 3.45 38 Kings C 0-10 2-8 4-6 3-7 1-9 7-3  

Division 3
Pos Played/18Won DrawnLostPts/MatchPoints Five Tees D Medstead B Kings D IBM C Swanmore B Kings E Owslebury
1 Five Tees D 12 10 2 0 7.75 93 Five Tees D   6-4   9-1 5-5 10-0 8-2
2 Medstead B 13 9 1 3 7.00 91 Medstead B 5-5   8-2 7-3 4-6 9-1 9-1    9-1
3 Kings D 12 9 0 3 6.25 75 Kings D 1-9 3-7   7-3 10-0    6-4 8-2 9-1
4 IBM C 12 4 2 6 4.42 53 IBM C 2-8 2-8 4-6   5-5 5-5 7-3
5 Swanmore B 13 4 2 7 4.00 52 Swanmore B 1-9 3-7 2-8 3-7   7-3 6-4
6 Kings E 13 3 1 9 3.38 44 Kings E 3-7    2-8 6-4 3-7 3-7 7-3   6-4
7 Owslebury 13 1 0 12 2.46 32 Owslebury 1-9 0-10 2-8 3-7 3-7 7-3  

Actual promotions/demotions will depend on whatever League structure is decided for next season.

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